Vicopisano 2016 – Keys to the City

In 2016, Steve was presented with the keys to the city of Vicopisano, Italy.

After being welcomed in the Council Hall from the Mayor Juri Taglioli, the Vice-Mayor Matteo Ferrucci and the City administration, Steve Vai had asked to visit the historic center and the Brunelleschi’s fortress (Rocca). Professor Giovanni Fascetti and Ester Marinai guided us in this charming rediscovery of the Brunelleschian beauty, beginning from Palazzo Pretorio and ending on the top of the Fortress. The musician and his wife, walking in the burg (?), have been charmed from the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower), the magnificence of the Fortress, the landscape and the Pisan Hills, expressing us few times the desire to come back soon and to happily be the “ambassadors” of our beauties. 

Thanks to the Fehr family for the usual kindness, to the Gruppo Culturale Ippolito Rosellini for being once again so friendly and for the passion in taking care of the Rocca Complex and to the Niccolai family for sharing with us the enthusiasm for this talented guest!  

In the Vicopisano area Genius is at home…