Vai News

So you already know about this site, Greasy Kid’s Stuff (the printed newsletter), the fan sites directory, the official e-mail updates list, the egroups Vai list, and everything else, right? Well make room for the Yahoo! Steve Vai Club, created by a fan named Michelle, who also goes by the name TenderSurrender. She also has a personal Steve Vai site called My Steve Vai Webring Site, which also joins the fan sites directory today.


To answer a bunch of e-mails at once, all GKS subscribers who have a renewal form can still join for the old subscription rate of $12. Also, current members can write to request a red renewal form which will also get you in for 12 bucks. If you’ve already sent in $12 for a new subscription, that’s fine too. (The price for US subscriptions recently nudged from $12 to $15 for a year.) Non-USA subscriptions are unaffected. We recently ran out of the stickers, but we do have some Ultra Zone guitar picks left that we’re including with every new subscription, plus whatever other goodies we might have from time to time. More info here.