Vai News

In eight days (on or about the 10th of April) we’ll announce the winner of the Heart Guitar! The raffle has been collecting entries for over a year and we thank all who bought tickets. 100% of the money goes to the Make A Noise Foundation. Stay tuned!


In other BIG NEWS… and also in wonderful and generous support of the Make A Noise Foundation, is…




Jemfest 2K1 happens on May 11 & 12 in Orlando, Florida! Organized by the tirelessly cool and coolly tireless team of Gabe Nickelson, Kevan Geier and Bill Hyden, the 3rd annual Jemfest is sure to be a big explosion of happiness for anyone who loves the Ibanez Jem/Universe guitars (and lots of non-playing Steve Vai fans too)! I’ve attended both of the previous Jemfests and had a blast. If you can go, it’s a trip you won’t regret or soon forget.


For’s very own Jemfest pages, with pics from last year, go here!


Big thanks and hearty acknowledgement to the fine musicians who will be performing live at this year’s Jemfest! All of these artists have waived any performance fees and even their transportation, all so more money goes to the MANF. It’s impossible to measure how cool we think they are…


Eric Sands <>

Rob Balducci <>

Ricky G. Garcia <>

Arc of Descent <>

Frankenshred <>

Stephanie’s Religion <>

Matt King <>

Jeremy Krull <>


then, Open Jam…anything goes! (Bring your guitar.)


They’ll also be having giveaways and raffles for all sorts of fabulous prizes, and last year they had multicolor swirl t-shirts that have become something of collector’s items now. Admission is completely FREE to anyone, and kids are welcome. Donations at the door (and via their website) will be accepted and donated to the MANF! If you’re attending, visit for info about deals on hotels etc. Make your reservations before April 10 and a $149 room can be yours for $79, so decide right now (there’s no time to think!) and act fast.


Jemfest isn’t an “official” Steve Vai or Ibanez event, but it is one we warmly embrace.


There will be a live webcast as well, via the website. You can look at all the cool people who WENT. You want to be one of the cool people, don’t you?



Also keep checking this page for more news and info as it arrives!