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Morley contest news!

(I meant to post this 2 days ago, but due to reasons beyond my control, my phones & DSL died and I couldn’t even get online again until now.)


Here’s the prize:




Package includes the new Morley Little Alligator volume pedal, the Morley Bad Horsie wah pedal, a Morley Bad Horsie t-shirt (Large), Morley Steve Vai guitar picks, the very rare Steve Vai “Bad Squad” promo CD, and a poster signed by Steve Vai!


Want to win it all? Here’s your mission. There are 7 small Morley icons throughout the website, and they look like this:




They’re not really hidden, but they are scattered fairly randomly throughout When you find them, you can roll your mouse over the icon to reveal a hidden word. Find all 7 hidden words, put them into the proper order so they spell the correct phrase, and then e-mail us at with that phrase as your e-mail’s Subject!


You can enter one time with the correct phrase, duplicate entries will disqualify! We will choose one winner at random from the eligible entries received by February 10 2001, and notify the winner via e-mail.


Sound like a lot of work? Well, the people who become eligible will be the ones who don’t think so. Rather than get thousands upon thousands of e-mails from every casual website visitor, we’ll get…well, we’ll still get thousands…but the entries we receive will be from the dedicated and the hardcore, and that’s the type of person we’d love to see win this package.


Two more packages will be given away soon as well. One will be available to subscribers of the official Steve Vai e-mail mailing list – click here and send the e-mail to subscribe! Details coming soon. The third and final package will be available in a contest exclusive to Greasy Kid’s Stuff, the printed Steve Vai newsletter, and details will be announced in the forthcoming 13th issue (tentatively scheduled for release in late February)!


Our thanks to Morley for supplying the goods. Please visit online!