Vai News

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy our new chat room and message board.

If you’ve bookmarked the old ones, click the new links and bookmark the new login pages instead.

[Our first visitor, from Turkey, arrived 4 minutes after it went live. I have since found a few bugs (as some of you have as well), so those will hopefully be squashed today.]


[As of 8am PST, the chat room & forum are closed as we squash bugs. It will be back up asap, but it might even take a day or so. As soon as I can put it back up, I’ll let you know here.]


Special thanks to Tyler DeWitt for his immense help in getting this together. A few notes about the new chat & forum: imposters should no longer be an issue, as Steve Vai and myself will be in green when we post or chat. Also, you will need to create a chat account to use those areas of the site – this is free and only takes a few seconds. The message board is now lightly moderated, and posts may be edited or deleted if they’re offensive or spam. There are various new features so play around and play nice. Enjoy.


Shadowland joins the fan sites directory, and the price for a GKS subscription (1 year) in the USA increases slightly to $15 to cover increased production costs. Subscriptions outside the USA remain unchanged. Current or recently departed subscribers can still renew now for the old rate of $12, e-mail GKSmail for a renewal form if you need one.