Vai News

Happy news about the new chat room & message board: each seems to be working fine now. There’s still some random bugfun that can happen in the chat room, but you need a certain element of the unknown. (Almost all of the bugs are squashed, and the few that seem to remain don’t bite.) Thanks to all who helped test it and braved much crashing and glitchy goodness as the ever dependable Tyler tinkered it to perfection before your very eyes.


We also have a shiny new address for signing up for the e-mail newsletter, which is a more impressive sounding name for the e-mail updates. Whether you’re on the original list or not, send a blank message to this link and you’ll be on the new list. Subscribers to the old list will get the link in their mail this week… once you send in the blank message, you’ll receive a verification e-mail to make sure you subscribed yourself and not someone else. All you have to do with that is reply with another blank message (hit Reply, Send) and you’re all hooked up.


Favored Nations has one too.