Message Boards Upgrade

We have upgraded the Message Boards with new software and a lot of new features. Many of these new features will prevent the influx of spammers we have seen in recent weeks.

If you’re a regular user, feel free to log into the new board and play with some of the features. If you’re a user who hasn’t posted or visited in a while, we’d love to see you back!

We will be making other changes based on your feedback, and will be conducting a number of polls on things you’d like to see, likes and dislikes, etc.

During the migration, occasionally some passwords don’t transfer. If you attempt to log into the new message board and it won’t accept your password, you can use the “Forgot My Password” function, and re-set your password. If you have further problems that can’t be resolved this way, feel free to email us at: messageboards(at)

The address for the new board will be:

Thanks, and see you on the message board!