Vai Academy 7

This year’s Vai Academy Camp 7.0 was just off the hook fantastic. Totally sold out in advance and our biggest group so far. It’s so nice to be in an environment filled with guitar lovers that are eager to embrace the guitar culture, meet with so many other like minded people, thrive in an immersive experience and raise their own bar. Not to mention party time by the fire pit!
The nightly jam with the campers was the best. Perhaps 4 hours a night for 4 straight nights of meeting each one with a hot guitar strapped on them and presenting the band with a simple little riff that we would then explore. To musically respond with them in that intimate sacred musical sharing mind is what it’s all about. I love them all so much.
I also noticed that we have many return campers, and so many people who have created bonds through these events with others. It’s more like a camping family these days.
And our list of guests this year revealed some of the most striking and technique elevated artists in our current times. Our special guests included Mohini Dey, Daniele Gottardo, Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Sarah Longfield, Marcin, Matteo Mancuso, Yvette Young and Jordan Rudess, and each of these inspired artists dazzled us with their unique and fascinating touch on the guitar. In Mohini’s case it was the bass. She is a phenom that is pushing forward what’s possible, as is our other guests. Being able to jam with the guests was another highlight. They inspired me beyond.
My most sincere thanks to all the campers, clinicians and special guests that helped to make this years Vai Academy 7.0 such a memorable life experience.
Now I’m looking forward to the next one! See you there.