Update From The Road: Poland and Siberia

Hey folks,
We had the good fortune to have a stop on our tour in Wroclaw Poland. This city is a secret jewel. It’s historic architecture, lush botanical gardens and rich culture has made it one of my very look forward to cities when touring. This year we performed at the “Thanks Jimi” festival and I was able to take part in breaking the World Record for the most guitar players to play “Hey Joe”. Haaaa, What will they think of next.
It was a blast and here are some vids and photos.
That night we played at the festival along with Michael Angelo Batio, Uriah Heep (one of my favorite bands as a teenager) and Eric Burden and the Animals.
There is a beautiful park across from the hotel that I was walking through and the folks there were all getting ready for the concert with their guitars.