The Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary & Jem Design Contest

In 1990, Ibanez released Steve Vai’s signature 7-string electric guitar – the Universe. Following the release, Ibanez’s new 7-string guitar spread with lightning speed to the guitarists who pursued new sound options and triggered their creation of new music.

In 2010, Ibanez celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 7-string guitar and milestone introduction of the Universe Signature model.

The Universe UV77RE 1990 Reissue Multicolor will be available in highly limited numbers. Each swirl finish on these guitars are unique and distinct from each other, and swirled by master swirl artist and original “ATD” swirler Darren Johansen.

The guitar features a 5-piece maple/bubinga Wizard Jem neck and a basswood body with original heeljoint; 24 frets and rosewood board with disappearing pyramid inlays. Pickups are DiMarzio® BLAZE™II Neck, Middle and cosmo black hardware and a Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge.

The guitar comes in a special silver-lined Ibanez Flight Case, along with a special printed high-quality poster and special certificate.

See the guitar HERE on Ibanez Japan’s special webpage, plus take a journey back in time with the 1987-2010 Jem & Universe Chronicle!

Furthermore, in 2010 Steve Vai’s 6-string signature model JEM series will achieve sales of 77,777 pieces since its release in 1987. Steve and Ibanez are planning a unique JEM design contest in the near future. More information will follow in the coming days. Don’t miss it! UV77RE