“The Burning Bush” VaiTunes #5 is now available!

Steve’s latest VaiTunes song, “The Burning Bush” is now available to download from all major digital music retailers, including: iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Lala, IMVU, Shockhound, Amie Street, LimeWire Store and the Nokia Music Store as well as the corresponding digital booklet PDF on the VaiTunes page.

Song Juice:

Every now and then I get a new audio processor. I pump my guitar through it and fiddle about until something I think is interesting comes out. I was experimenting with a TC Electronic® G-force and I wrote this bizarre patch. The way it responded to the audio of the guitar compelled me to play a particular way and before I knew it this piece started to evolve. Before I could forget what I was doing I whammed the guitar part down onto tape and then layered it with some techno percussion loops, samples, and some backwards, upside-down, heavily processed chanting monks. For a while I called the track “Monks on Dope,” but then the atmosphere of the track started to remind me of the way church incense smelled so I named the song “The Burning Bush” (all due respect of course.) More…