The big Steve Vai garage sale has begun!

Well, not really a garage sale… We’ve been going through Steve’s studio and garage lately, pulling aside special items to make available online. We’re making room, and it’s just time now for some things to move out. But rather than drop them off at a local reseller, or let them collect dust in storage, we decided we should make them available to fans or anyone who wants to get their hands on this stuff! And hey, we’re even giving part of the money to charity, so yay all around!


The first three items are on eBay this week! The auctions only last 7 days though, so if you want to get in on the action, don’t waste any time. The first three items on the auction block are:


Steve’s Eventide H969 Harmonizer,

used on ‘Passion and Warfare’ and the Whitesnake tour!


Steve’s Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal,

from his Alcatrazz-era pedalboard!


Steve’s Egnater TOL 100 guitar head!

As used on tour and in the studio!


Serious inquiries can go to Happy bidding, good luck! 🙂