Steve Vai & Joe Satriani Tour happening!

For the first time ever, after more than 50 years of friendship, it’s the Satch-Vai 2024 Tour!
Believe it not, this is the first time Joe and Steve will tour as a duo-bill, and it comes along with plans to release a new musical collaboration.

“The Satch/Vai Tour is happening! I’m so looking forward to sharing the stage with Steve again. Every time we play together it takes me back to when we were teenagers, eating and breathing music every second of the day, pushing, challenging and helping each other to be the best we could be. I guess we’ve never stopped!”
– Joe
“Touring with Joe is always a pleasure and an honor. He is my favorite guitarist to jam with, and now we have another opportunity to take it to the stage. I feel as though we are both at the top of our game and that the show will be a powerful celebration of the coolest instrument in the world, the electric guitar!”
– Steve

The Satch-Vai tour starts March 22 and runs through May 8, 2024. Pre-Sale begins 11/13 (password: SVx24) with the public on-sale 11/17.