Steve Vai comes to the Rock Band Network

WaveGroup, best known for it’s long history in music game development, including it’s contributions to the original Guitar Hero™ and Rock Band™ games, today announced licensing agreements with major recording artists including renowned guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, to distribute their music in Rock Band™. WaveGroup will work with the artists’ original recordings, transforming them into playable Rock Band™ tracks, then releasing the music through the Rock Band Network Music Store. WaveGroup brings years of experience in music game development to the Rock Band Network initiative, and is working closely with Harmonix Music Systems during the beta period to develop this new way of distributing music to the masses.

“WaveGroup is the premiere production team for interactive music videogames and I was thrilled to partner with them on my songs,” said guitar icon Steve Vai. “Now I can jam with people in the comfort of their own plastic!”

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The following videos are sneak peaks of Steve’s songs authored by WaveGroup for the Rock Band Network. They will be available very soon as downloadable content via the Xbox Live marketplace in-game store.