Steve Vai Art Exhibit

Hey Folks, Steve here.

About 2 years ago I was sitting in my hotel room in China and just started doodling on a notepad. I really enjoyed doing it and watching the pieces evolve. I’ve always loved art but never tried to create my own, (Perhaps my hands were always busy doing something else!). But while on the last tour I started to really enjoy drawing while on planes, hotels after a gig, backstage, on the bus, etc.

When I got home I built a tiny art studio out of a spare area and continued to evolve the work using various mediums. I only had two rules when painting: no thinking and no criticizing the work. I found this to be tremendously liberating. It’s like automatic writing and there is no such thing as a mistake. It’s what it is.

I showed my art to Ralph Rieckermann, (artist, composer, bass player for The Scorpions). He was planning an art exhibit at The Sofitel in Beverly Hills this November 24th, and invited me to show some of my work along with 3 other artists. I thought, sure, why not. So This Tuesday at The Sofitel in Beverly Hills there will be an art exhibit with 4 different artists works. 10 of my original pieces will be on display along with signed prints. This will be the very first time I’m showing any of my artwork, and also the first time I’m actually letting people know one of my guilty pleasures, and you’re invited!