S&R Gear


Steve’s effects rack for the ‘Sex & Religion’ tour. Much simpler than the racks Steve used with David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, this rig included an Eventide H4000 Harmonizer, a Digitech DHP-55 Harmonizer, the rackmount custom Rack Of Wham by Digitech, 2 Roland SRV-2000 reverbs, and a Custom Audio preamp. The roll-out shelf (on the right) contains a BOSS DS-2 Turbo Overdrive pedal, a Mutron III autowah, and an MXR Phase 90 pedal.

This rack included 2 Yamaha PC2002M power amps and a VHT Classic power amp.

Shown above are Steve’s amps used on the ‘Sex & Religion’ tour in 1993. From left to right, the heads are a Soldano, a Marshall, and a Bogner Ecstasy.

This rack, extremely simplified, includes a Furman PL-8 power conditioner, a custom-made Digitech Rack Of Wham, and a Roland SDE-3000. In this picture you can see the tuner most frequently used by Steve’s techs, a BOSS tuner that you can buy anywhere for about $75. (These days, Steve still uses the BOSS tuners but also has a Peterson R450 strobe tuner and a Korg DTR rackmount tuner in the guitar tech’s work area).

Steve’s pedalboard for the ‘Sex & Religion’ tour. It included a much smaller version of his Bradshaw switching unit, this one made by Custom Audio Electronics. The pedals included a Digitech Whammy pedal which could be controlled from the rack, a BOSS DS-1 Distortion, a BOSS CH-1 chorus pedal, a Crybaby wah pedal and a Roland FV-100 volume pedal.

Though Steve used Marshalls and Bogners on tour in the US, this picture (left) was taken during his 1993 Japanese tour, when he used only the Bogners. These are two Bogner Ecstasy heads with Marshall 4×12 cabinets.