Recording update..

Woke up this morning and was hit by a wave of reality when it dawned on me how much work is involved with this project. But then I thought, “hey… what am I here for”. And jumped out of bed. It takes 4-5 hours every day to take care of business, work out, bla bla bla. then I’m in the studio hot seat. The chops are being stubborn and my fingertips are throbbing a bit because the calluses have not had a chance to harden. I like the pain though. Feels like progress. Right before bed, I picked up the guitar ans started playing this very cool riff I am calling “Loving Matilda” as a working title. Today I chipped away at Candle Power a little bit and started getting “My Name is Mud” under my fingers.

Song: Candle Power/My Name is Mud