October 22, 1998

Today is October 22, 1998. A special day for me. The deal for Flex-able Leftovers is a done one and it will be out the first or second week of November, and today I went into the studio to start writing for the next record. I’m stoked about this one. Reaching for all the deepest notes there are. I love the guitar now more than ever. Today I just sat and played for hours and felt that freedom that I so treasure. It still moves me that others feel it too. Hold on, I’m going real deep on this one.

And now for some bee news. Well, the hives were full folks. It took three days to harvest over 300 lbs of honey. It was amazing. Pia & I and the kids were up to our necks in the sticky stuff and don’t worry, the bees have plenty left over for themselves. They are very healthy due to the constant care we give them. When most wild hives at this time of the year are delapidated and diseased, our darlings are jammin’ away, in the key of B sharp baby!