November 22, 2002

It’s 12:41, Friday, November 22 and I’m with Pia driving across the desert in Nevada. As a member of the Recording Academy (NARAS), I periodically attend various functions on education, etc. Last night was a wonderful event in Vegas at the Hard Rock venue (The Joint). It was a producers panel and included, Daniel Carlin, Los Angeles Chapter President; Leslie Lewis, Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing; Ed Cherney, Panel Moderator; Mike Clink, Shep Crawford, Carmen Rizzo, and myself.

It was a nice opportunity to talk with young artists and producers seeking insight into the business and recording concepts. The most important piece of advice that all the panelists agreed upon was the necessity to have confidence in your work, performance and goals. Without this simple element it’s difficult to present yourself with any kind of authority. All great artists that have fought that fight have had tremendous confidence in their work and a clear vision of their goals. More on this in the days to come.

The desert has an intrinsic beauty that captures one of the ominous qualities of nature, especially at night. The molecules in the air are just different in the desert and to take them in on a clear day is magnificently rejuvenating.

Not to mention it’s as hot as hell.