November 11, 1997

After being on tour for 13 months, the wind down could be tough. Towards the end of the tour I always feel a little melancholy. You see, I really love being on the road. That was not always the case but it’s a lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.

When you set out to sea, so to speak, it takes a little while to get your legs together, but when you have control of your ship you can steer it wherever you like.

I’m really a loner at heart. Sure, nothing could replace the family but sometimes a person likes to be alone, and on tour I get to live the loner side of my life I sometimes crave. To just walk the streets in a different city and see how the world moves and breathes, just taking it all in. To buy a pair of sunglasses in Rio or take a stroll down the Champs Elysees in France, pick a ripe piece of fruit from a papaya tree in Mexico, have a jog and a nap on a remote island in Australia, or smell the cherry blossoms blooming in Tokyo. It’s such an honor to embrace what the world has to offer.

This Fire Garden/G3 tour was the one. All of the tours I’ve ever done have set me up for this one. The guys in the band, the crew, the other bands were so special. I get nostalgic just thinking of it. There were so many interesting things that took place, I’ll have to go back and fill in the blanks as the years roll on, if I can still remember them. I’m sorry I didn’t type more entries as they happened. To be able to travel around the world with your friends and play music to people who really enjoy it… all of this is an honor beyond my ability to express.

Thank you a googleplex times. Can’t wait to do it again… Well maybe I could wait a little while.