New dates for Mexico!

Two new dates are confirmed for Mexico: October 27 in Monterrey and October 29 in Mexico City. Check tourdates for the latest.


Also, the extremely cool Co de Kloet and his extremely cool website have added a new Japanese Vai section. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. There’s also info there about Mike Keneally’s upcoming performance in Holland, which shouldn’t be missed. Find out more at [Mike has a new record, “Wooden Smoke”, too! It won’t be in stores until next year, but you can order it now on his website and you’ll get it in October instead, plus a bonus disc of additional music – go there to order it and find out more.]


Favored Nations, Steve Vai’s label, is releasing Mike Keneally’s “Dancing” in Europe and throughout the rest of the world (except the USA, where it’s on Mike’s own Exowax) this month and next month, depending on where you are. Favored Nations also recently released Billy Sheehan’s first solo record (featuring performances by Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio), plus the new acousic fingerstyle record “Intuite” from master Pierre Bensusan. Tell your friends and family THAT’S what you want for Christmas this year, all these records. Multiple copies! Even better, order them now and make your friends pay you back. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


The Steve Vai garage sale on eBay is going to take a short, temporary break in light of everything that’s happening in the US and around the world right now. A lot of people have lost their jobs recently, or might soon, so it doesn’t make sense to try to sell this stuff while people are trying to take care of their own right now. It will start again soon, don’t worry, and we’ll let you know when. Thanks to all the recent high bidders.


And the new issue of Greasy Kid’s Stuff continues to be delayed, as we’re awaiting a new order of the free CD samplers we’re including for subscribers with this issue. Soon…soon!