My birthday gift from Romania.

Hey Folks,
Meet the new addition to the Vai family. This tree was gifted to me by a donation made by my dear friend in Romania, Anca Lupes.  See her letter below about it.  I picture its roots wrapped in a little diaper,
Weird ay?


Hi Steve,
Please meet your tree:

As you may know, trees are only planted during spring and autumn. Your tree was planted on Saturday, October 26. It was named „The Romanian VAI Tree”.
It was planted along with 2000 other baby trees next to an oil refinery and it is part of a small forest that started to be grown in 2009 by an ecologist NGO called „More Green”.
The small forest which is more a green barrier that protects the city of Ploiesti (60km away from Bucharest) from the pollution of the oil refinery has now an area of 4 acres and counting.

The tree is now a baby red oak which is known to grow tall (up to 90ft) strong and live long (up to 500 years) so plenty of time to visit.

Have a great day!