Melting The Metal


Melting The Metal


Hey Folks,

Some years ago I met Lucia Paolantonio. She’s originally from Italy and now lives in Sweden. Lucia makes beautiful jewelry by hand. She presented me with a unique necklace that I liked very much. I don’t usually wear jewelry with the exception of my earrings which I’ve worn for the past 23 years. There was something about this necklace she made for me that was special. I have worn it virtually every day for the past 6 years and now Lucia is making this piece available for others.
I have always felt that we charge our creative manifestations with the heart and soul we put into them. They carry the fragrance of our intentions. When Lucia described her thought process for this piece, I understood clearly my attraction to the necklace.


– Steve Vai




From Lucia


I would like to begin with thanking Steve for everything and for this great opportunity that he’s giving me now.

…Observing a jewel, a ring, a bracelet finely worked, brings to mind the manner and the terms of the work: metal-fire-fusion-form.

These words describe and indicate an energy field, but are common to other activities.

For the music we used some of it: metal-fusion that comes from the world of fire and metals.

How are these connections born? Witch route combines the work of the goldsmith to the “work” of the musician.

Both are branches of the same tree. We see the leaves, but we have forgotten the roots.

The Jewellery creations I made for Steve were inspired by conversations initiated many years ago.

A dialogue that took place amongst a cultivated field, an old wall, and a cloudy sky. They began to talk to us, a talk that then inspired these gifts.

Words that solidify themselves and become natural physical figures over time.

They are raised and there they come to meet us in the right moment without having to search for them.

What they tell us is simply, “I am here”.

No words are needed when transfixed by this thing. The words were said first many years ago.

The figure is born into the physical world and contains the sentiment of a moment in life.

I was drawn to the art, attracted to the shapes and colours, attracted to the thought of using my hands like tools to create, to form. I have been doing this work for 23 years.

But only now I understand the meaning of my journey.

This walk unavoidably led to the meeting with another branch from that tree of life, another underground river flowing with a sound that has deep and powerful ethereal forms. And that is the music of Steve Vai.

The underground and liquid nature that unites the sound and the metal is summoned and becomes matter.

What was a stimulus becomes a necessity to create and is charged with an urgency. An urgency to manifest an object that contains the certainties, the illusions, the memories and the emotions that stemmed from a distant point in time, mixed with the fragrance of music and transform to become solid, metallic.

Personally, I prefer silver even if it is much easier to work with gold.

Silver leds in rapid manner the heat, and there are a lot of welding risks that can compromise the stability of the item.

Often I use both materials: silver and gold.

Like in the first object that I did for Steve, a pair of cufflinks in the shape of plectrum (guitar pick) with the “VAI” symbol in gold, and so on until the well know necklace…

it has been a long journey before arriving at the definitive idea, but I knew that I wanted a simple and clean form. I still remember when I gave it to Steve, I thought, “I will be more than happy if he used it once… the emotion is still strong today…6 years later every time I see it rock from his neck.

I would like to indicate that the rings of the necklace are four; three in silver and one in gold, and Steve has two versions. The first “the original one” where the rings are carved and the second model always with four rings (3+1) but without engraving and is the last one that thanks to Steve will be available for those that wish to own one….with or without the golden parts.

The necklace will be handmade from me, Lucia and they will be numbered, one by one.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”.

M. Gandhi



Ordering Info:

This link will connect you directly with Lucia for your order.
For any additional info or questions with an order please contact Lucia.

Please note: and it’s affiliates are only offering a click through to Lucia for any orders and are not responsible for any damage in shipping, satisfaction of final product, questions, concerns or liability in regards to this product. If you are interested in this product please contact and work with Lucia directly.

Now some practical details:

The weight of the chain is about 40 grams 925 sterling silver.

Total length is 58-60 centimeter,the inner diameter of the large ring is 16 mm. 1 month delivery.

Another technical detail:
the necklace can be used in 3 ways by connecting to the various rings

Alternative 1: diameter 40-42 cm

Alternative 2: diameter 49-50 cm

Alternative 3: diameter 58-60 cm


SMALL= length 1 silver ring 42cm to the closure
300$ + 30$ shipping (235 Euro + 19 Euro shipping)

MEDIUM = length 1 silver ring 50cm to the closure
350$ + 30$ shipping (257 Euro + 19 Euro shipping)

LARGE= length 1 silver ring 60cm to the closure
380$ + 30$ shipping (280 Euro + 19 Euro shipping)

The distance between each ring is about 5.5cm.

The 18k gold ring will be made only upon request with an additional cost between 150$-200$ ( I will calculate the exact price at the time of the request, depending on currency)