March 31, 2007:

Last night at 9:45 pm I experienced one of those rare moments of creative bliss. I actually finished the CDs for the orchestra project.

Yup, it is sequenced and complete.

I sat for a moment and let the relief run through my being, but it was rather short lived and replaced swiftly with the realization that I still need to mix the DVD stereo audio; the DVD 5.1 audio; contemplate a commentary track; edit the DVD; complete the artwork and credits; schedule press; start thinking about the tour; put together a new set list; put together a new band; imagine a spectacularly entertaining stage show; rehearse; and prep for tour, etc. to infinity.

Did I mention I’m also a guitar player that needs many hours a day of undisturbed focus to reinvent myself and develop totally new concepts on the instrument? Ah, all in a days work.

All of the above may seem daunting but the work load is probably not much different than most of yours, just the situation is different. It’s a good thing that I love this work. I know this sounds cliché but I’m excited to get up everyday and go to work. I’m  not sure why but I thrive on the pressure. I do enjoy it and I am tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to put all of the above in action.

One of the things that keeps an artist going is knowing that there is someone out there interested. I’m very grateful for that too.