March 3, 2002

Hi folks,

Had dinner with Brian Eno last night and checked bees today. Because this is a bee entry I don’t want to get into how fascinating Eno is because I could go on and on…

There are 5 colonies on our property at this time, plus one in Hollywood and 2 at our friend’s house. The last pull yielded 478 pounds of pure honey and was only done in July. There are a lot of drones, so it looks as though several hives are preparing to swarm. Today was a beautiful day and the bees were being very friendly. I need to order 4 more medium depth supers. I’m not quite sold on the new plastic frames because the bees don’t necessarily like them as much as the wax ones and they are hard to grab with the hive tool.

I will order some wooden frames and some plastic and see if they could mix it up. It’s going to be a large harvest and I’m thinking if I get the supers this week and put them on next week, then by May I could do a honey harvest.