March 15, 2007:

Over the last few days I have been working on “Gentle Ways.” I was very much looking forward to this one because I knew the mix was going to be an easy one and I had made a mental note that I played this one well.

After listening to my part I found that I had played it virtually perfect, yay!

I just finished the mix of “Gentle Ways” and after listening through the entire piece, fully mixed, for the first time, I just broke down and started to sob in gratitude. It was a little slice of heaven on Earth. Sort of a… a euphoria of gratefulness to whatever power it is that allows us to express such things for each other. Some believe that to be God.

And then I prayed to never let myself take selfish advantage of any gift I have. But how do you remember that all of the minutes of the day and night? That’s the real challenge, life.