September 20, 2000:

Ciruelo Cabral created this petropicto (painted stone). The beauty of Vai’s face,
the stone nature and Ciruelo’s hands all in one. In the private collection of a GKS Member.

Your friend Jon Diaz in Barcelona

( note: Ciruelo later went on to create the cover images for both The 7th Song, and The Elusive Light and Sound.)

Steve, I have just been looking at the site as an enourmous fan of your guitar playing and just realized that I have been engrossed for three hours! What a fantastic web site with so much information!

I’ve laughed out loud reading the journal for 1960-1980 (reminds me of David Lee Roth’s book, you should write it ALL in a book), played around with the panaoramic studio Quicktime thing, been inspired by the ‘Little Black Dots’ and ‘Martian Love Secrets’ and had fun watching the video clips. One thing that has really come across from this, is the lack of ego you display in the creation of this site. It seems that you still clearly remember what it is like to be a music fan and put all the stuff that us as fans want to read, see etc. Even down to actually personally replying to messages!

I’ve seen you a few times live here in the UK but the best show was this year at the London Astoria, I really felt you were playing for US, the fans and you seemed really confident as a showman, putting on a great show and taking the piss out of yourself! You played ‘Salamanders in the Sun’ which I never understood before, but after seeing it played, I was nearly reduced to tears by it, such an awesome piece of music.

Thank you for years of inspiration.



Cool is too much overused
as opposed to simply overused
So I’m wondering what to use
to tell you that I perused
your site that seems all right
it’s quite
all right
with me
so I’ve got to find a word
that would say something much less bored
than simple cool with all of her
much too too old absurd
that seem so nerd-
can’t you see
it’s time to find a way to be
something more than simply cool
or even cold
it sounds so old
let’s all lite up loco
it’s chocolaty and cocoa
not a weed
just the first time uses, like a seed
of some new word
let’s light up ‘loco!’


Hi Steve!

…do you remember the night after the show in Milano (29 march 2000)?…you was “simply” GREAT!!!

I send you the pic when meet you with my friend Gianclaudio (JOHN!)… I play gtr (but not like you…sigh!) with a group called LEGATURA… we’re looking for a label…. Now we are on with 2 songs in mp3!

hope to see you soon (magari in Italia…vieni presto!)… saluti in famiglia e ai ragazzi della band… …….from ZAK!

Hi, my name is Emi and I’m from Romania. Romania is a very poor country (our profit = $50 per month). I’m a bass player but this doesn’t really matter ’cause the music means all the instruments of the world played with something that I call spirit. Maybe you don’t believe me, but I do know how your way of thinking is. I mean the spiritualy way of life and a great sense of good. I don’t think you’re a musician; I think you’re a man who found the good way of living. Music is the comunication with the other and guitars (all kinds) are the words. Now, get me straight: I really don’t have any possibilities to buy a bass guitar. I’m not asking you to send me one, I’m asking you to remember this kind of people who has none of the possibilities to study music because they don’t have the instrument, to study their way to comunicate with the other people. Wish me luck in my searching for LIFE.

With respect, Emi

Hey there, Steve…

I’m from Long Island also (Seaford) and couldn’t stop laughing when, as I was looking through your online “vault” of guitars, I saw that you purchased your sticker Strat at Matthew’s Music in Roosevelt Field! I LOVED that store and bought a ton of gear there (along with Sam Ash on Front St. in Hempstead and Focus II in Bellmore). Just seeing that remark brought back a flood of memories and how sad I was when the place went under (the old 20% to 40% to 50% discounts didn’t clue me in until it was too late) and stuff that I’ve gotten rid of from there (except my Boss pedals – they stay FOREVER!). Too bad the field has become an “upscale” mall, with the giant food court and getting rid of the “unapproved of” establishments like the arcade and the News Rack. Ah well…just for that, the Boss pedals are coming with me when I go to the studio tonight…

later bro…
Anthony Lucisano

Dear Steve,

My Name is Joe and I’m writing this letter today to express the happiness I feel when I listen to your music.

Back when I was 15, when “Passion and Warfare” came onto the market, instrumental music was something new to me. The video for “The Audience is Listening” inspired me to run out and buy the tape. Since then I have been a Huge fan. Your music inspired me to start playing the guitar. Unfortunately I never really got to be any kind of a virtuoso like yourself. I played for about 4 years, and ended up pushing the guitar off into the wayside. I’m 25 now and am serving in the USAF, but yet the same fire I had 10 years ago to be able to play like yourself still exists deep down inside. Two questions are always embedded in my mind. Where do I begin the learning process and am I to old to be able to get to the level that you are presently playing at?

The first electric guitar I ever had was a B.C. Rich Warlock, then I moved to a Fender Strat. It wasn’t long till I realized what a good guitar was. So I went and traded them in for a Washburn KC-40V, and I eventually traded that later for a Washburn N-2.

Joe Howle

P.S. To me you will always be the String King

I attended a great concert on 10th March when Steve Vai and Band came to Manchester… although I am disabled and in an electric wheelchair, nothing was going to deter me and my little lad Aaron from making it to the show.

It was great, the only problem is that there is only one photo posted yet that I recognize from that night…. My son Aaron is on it with his new Steve Vai plectrum given to him by Philip Bynoe, front row, little lad with white t-shirt holding his pic on the “throwing the guitar” photo) so I would like to offer 2 photos from the night which we hope that you will use on the website….

The [second] photo is Steve meeting and signing an autograph for my son (albeit that someone stood behind my son blocking him from shot…good closeup of Steve though.. and the [1st] photo was taken when Steve was right above us on stage, and my son Aaron is the one with the Vai Ultra Zone Cap…..

So if you are feeling in a generous spirit and would like to make Aaron’s and my day then please feel free to post the photos on your great website….

Thanks a lot and all the best…

Mike & Aaron Hodkinson

Dear Steve,

Hello. I am writing this letter to you to to tell you of the length I went to, to perform “For the Love of God” at one of my larger gigs.

I play lead guitar with a Christian band known as Faith Out Loud (I’m only 16). Our main audience is a Youth Group consisting of 13-18 year olds. A couple of months ago in early April, I knew that we had a fairly large (large for us, anyway) gig coming up. It was at a church fiesta, and we were going to be playing in front of about 500 people. So far, my largest audience had been 250 people, so I was very excited. About a month before the gig, I was listening to the G3 record, and I thought that it would be great if I could arrange “For the Love of God” for the whole band so that we could play it at the fiesta.

Personally, I thought it was a great idea. It would add an instrumental number to the band’s repertoire, it would be a nice break from all the faster vocal songs, it would give the singers a break, and it would give me the opportunity to perform one my favorite songs of all time on stage! The title also worked for the band. I talked to the bandleader about it, and he said that we should let all the band members listen to it, so as to get their take on the song. So later, after all the band members had listened to it, I asked for each of their opinions. The Bandleader, who is also rhythm guitar, liked it and seemed very positive about it. The keyboardist loved it. The bass player liked the bass line, but was a bit spooked by the “psychedelic guitar lead” as he put it. The drummer, for whatever reason I STILL can’t figure out, hated it. All he did was whine about how it was “too slow” and “It’ll put people to sleep.” Even as I pointed out all of the positive aspects to try to get him to see some light to it, he still hated the song. I knew that he didn’t like your music at the time but I had no idea that he’d be that opposed to it. He has no tolerance for anything other than what he likes, which is punk/alternative. Anyway, he did not give me a yes or a no about whether he would play it or not, but I could tell he didn’t like the song at all. Personally, I am baffled at how some people simply do not like your music. What’s not to like? I think it is the best music ever recorded!

Anyway, back to the subject, I got the go-ahead to arrange the song for the whole band. I made copies and simplified notation/tab of all the song’s instruments, tape copies of the studio AND live versions, gave them to the band, and learned the guitar riffs and leads note for note. I thanked them for their cooperation, and the bandleader told them to practice it. It was a month before the gig.

Five days before the gig. The bandleader is reluctant to play the song, nervous about the audience’s reaction. The bass player had lost interest in the song and managed to lose his sheet music TWICE!!! The drummer was refusing to practice it, except for a few 30-second bursts. The keyboardist, bless her soul, had dutifully learned her parts. It was not practiced.

Three days before the gig. I have ran through four minutes of it with the rhythm guitarist only. The drummer and bass player show up to practice, and the drummer manages to get through four minutes of it before quitting. I was seriously beginning to doubt that the song would be performed, and maybe I should quit. I pressed on, confident that I could persuade the band members to pull this off. Why was I doing the persuading? Because the 34 year-old bandleader was not willing to persuade the rhythm section, a 14 and 18 year old, to do it.

T minus two days and counting. While installing an Evolution bridge pickup in my Ibanez RG450DX, the electronics are fried in a freak technical mishap. The guitar is only repairable through a complete electronic overhaul. I do not have a guitar. Since it is an emergency, my parents agree to loan me the money to buy any guitar I choose, as long as it is under $1000. And I would have to pay back every penny of it, which was fine with me. I decided I needed a new guitar that would need no modifications and that would last me for years to come. I chose a JEM 555. It arrived the next day in the mail as I exhaled in relief.

The day of the gig. I have the band run over the song…halfway. The keyboardist has come down with a 105 fever and has to miss the gig. Just after the intermission, the bandleader instructs the rhythm section to start playing on my cue. I cue them, and play the first notes of FTLOG. To my dismay, the bass, drums, and rhythm guitar come in about 3 bars late. Oh well, at least they actually started. Suddenly, the drummer accelerated to about 70 bpm, a far cry from the 50 bpm. Nevertheless, I kept playing the song perfectly. About two minutes into it, all other the other instruments, bass, drums, and rhythm guitar stop playing. I am shocked, but I hang on the note I left off of and end with some feedback and a dive bomb. I was very disappointed that they ended the song like that, but the show went on.

Later, at home, I got so frustrated with the bad attitude and poor performance of the band on that song that I almost cried. I mean, I’ve played some special request songs of theirs, even if I didn’t like them. I didn’t matter if I didn’t like their songs, because my job, as a musician in that band, is to learn the songs I’m assigned and play the parts to the absolute best of my ability. My job is not to complain. I still can’t express how disappointed I am with the whole thing.

But I suppose I should look on the bright side. It did get played a little bit, and something is better than nothing. And the head of music for the whole parish LOVED it, and now he wants to put it on the band’s upcoming CD. My efforts were not totally in vain.

I just wanted to tell you this story to express to you how far I will go for and to play your awe-invoking sonic explorations of the guitar. It may not be much compared to some, but it’s the best I could do.

I remember the first time I heard your playing on the first Merry Axemas album. There was something about your rendition of “Christams Time is Here” that touched something deep in my soul. I bought “Passion and Warfare” and when I heard the music on that record, I knew what I was shooting for, musically.

In a nutshell, I wanted to share my little tale with you just because I thought you might find it interesting. That is really all that I have to say. Gee, how do I close up a letter to the greatest guitarist on the planet? Uhhh.. I’M NOT WORTHY!!!! hehe. I guess I’ll just say this; Thank you for reading my letter, thank you for being my greatest musical influence, and keep up the good work. Peace.

Warm regards,

Brendan Dora
Lead guitar, Faith Out Loud

P.S. Oh yeah, I LOVE my Jem, and I plan to move up to a 7V eventually. I’ll send you a picture of me playing it live. Could you please post this on I know you must get thousands of letters a day from wackmobiles like me, but it would mean a lot to be if you could post this on the site. Thank you so much!

Hello Everyone at,

The attached graphic is the result of listening to a recently acquired “Flex-Able” CD. I hadn’t heard the songs, other than in my head, for over 9 years. While listening to “Call It Sleep” I cranked up my graphics suite and just let my imagination go wild, following themes and trying new stuff. My initial offering was quite simple and it quickly grew into what you see as I went from “Flex-Able” to several of Steve’s bluesy songs from later albums. If anyone on your end thinks my graphic is worth the bandwidth I would be honored to see my creation on Steve’s music is an enhancement to my life and I thank him for that.

Jonathan Shroyer

Hey Steve,

I’ve got to admit that I didn’t know who you were prior to 2 months ago. I had not heard any of your material (at least that I knew was yours). I play Christian contemporary music in the band I’m in and had shut out all secular music for the longest time. I own a large Carvin sound system that we use regularly and enjoy much, it seems like I had spent an eternity looking for an amplifier that would emit the sound and feel that I was seeking. CARVIN had already proven itself so I figured I would try your VL-100 half stack.

Steve, hats off to you bro, your Carvin Legacy amp surpasses my expectations in both sound and craftsmanship. I like it so much that I bought one of the VL212 combo series amps for smaller gigs.

I was in a local music store here in Austin, Texas, when I noticed this guitarist in a white suit in a video that was playing with the volume off. I was struck by the intensity and effortless negotiation of the fretboard. I asked a sales guy who that was and he said “Oh, that’s Vai”. I asked him to turn it up, he did and I havent been the same since.

I know that I will never be able to play like you (and maybe thats a good thing), but I have finally found the sound that I myself as a guitarist have been looking for. Thanks Bro.

Dave Swisher

Just thought I’d write a complaint with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. As I was cruising the streets of Toronto today with my wife, I broke out Steve Vai’s ‘Sex and Religion’ cassette. Just before pulling into the driveway after listening to the album TWICE, my left speaker cakked out making lots of squeaks with every beautiful guitar note. I happily went downstairs and replaced the worn out speakers with an old set of Bose I had stored in the basement. Now it sounds even better, thanks STEVE.

‘Sex and Religion’ seems an even more relevent album for these last 12 years of earth as we know it!


David Elton

July 04, 2002 :

I send you again a new artwork for your great website!
Thank you,
Rodolphe Wery from France

To the Man whose music touches the very depth of the soul; The Man who opened the gate to a place full of wisdom, senses, tenderness and a little madness 😉

A place where “you’ll never know where i end and you begin”.
Ten years ago i was impassioned by “Passion and Warfare”, then came “Sex and Religion” and the question “is it right what I do in my dreams with you?”…

In 1995 I heard from you about “Alien Love Secrets” and I found that the secret is THE GUITAR…

Four years ago I almost burned in Your “Fire Garden”, but now I’m totally obsessed by the richness of your soul, boundless mind and amazing sounds in the “Ultra Zone”.

God bless you and give to You and Your family all the best that can exist in this world!

Forever Yours: Stela

p.s. Have a nice beekeeping. I have already harvest the honey from one of my hives.

Dear Mr. Vai,

Thank you for your tender heart. I received your autograph and UZ-pick last month. Not only I but my wife trembled with joy.
Please come to Japan again by all means.
Happy birthday and please take care of yourself!
I wish you every happiness.

* * * * * * * * *
Sincerely yours,

Tadao Kaneko

I had the privilege to meet Mr.Vai at “Harmony House” last year on Sunday, August 14th, in Detroit, the morning before his show at St. Andrews Hall, (AWESOME SHOW). Mr Vai did 3 songs at Harmony House (UNBELIEVABLE)… then signed autographs… I waited 2 hours to meet Steve & had him sign 2 discs & my “Ibanez acoustic”… THANKS STEVE!!

I had my 4 year old daughter, Victoria with me & she saw that Mr. Vai was signing “Daddy’s” stuff and asked me… “Daddy….can you ask Steve Vai to write on my hand???”… Sooooooo… I did…And to my surprise… Not only did he sign my daughter’s hand… BUT… He asked her…”Do you know how to write your name???”

She said “Yes”… and then he asked her to sign “HIS” hand…Well needless to say she was thrilled & gladly printed her name on Steve’s hand….WHAT A GREAT GUY!! I didn’t have my camera, and was bummed out, BUT, one of the sweet, sweet ladies that was with Steve took 2 pictures of Steve & my daughter and mailed them to me( BIG THANKS!!)… My daughter begged me to take her to the concert, later that night, but she’s only 4 & I just wasn’t too sure about taking her to a concert…
But, she never washed her hand… Steve`s name eventually had to wear off… And she looks at the pictures almost daily on my PC… So, I’d like to thank you Mr.Vai for making a little 4-year-old’s day (and her Daddy’s)… You are truly one of “The Great Ones”…

Peace To You & Yours,
David & Tori

Hey there Vaiguy!!

Me and my girlfriend saw the Ultra Zone tour in London Astoria in March. We hail from good ‘ole Wales (that’s right, the country NEXT to England!) and usually I wouldn’t travel that far to London to see a gig, but hey, it’s Steve Vai!

Anyway, being a virtuoso fan since I first picked up the six-string wand and spending endless hours listening to Satch, when I got introduced to your music, I freely admit, it is the best music that I have ever heard in my life. The musical spectrum that you achieve on just 12 notes is immense. Me and my guitar tutor (I’m in music college) spend hours going through your techniques and styles.

I dragged my girlfriend along to the gig, and even she thoroughly enjoyed it!! Which is definitely saying something! Anyway, I don’t need to go on about how amazing you are and how inspirational your music is, that’s already been said by every sane person that’s listened to it! I’ve played guitar for 5 years now and since listening to your music my style has greatly increased, or so my girlfriend says, maybe she’s just saying that to keep me happy! I did take some photos from the tour but for some reason the camera made you guys look eeny-weeny so I’ve been checking out the site more than regularly waiting to see if any London photos have been put on yet! Please put them on!!

Anyway, Sardinas was great, You guys were better, and I’ll see you on stage in a few years when I make it big! (or something!)

Say “Hi!” to Keneally, Mangini, Bynoe and all the roadies. Oh yeah, Weiner rocked! Cool sitar playing on ‘For the Love of God!”

See you guys soon!

Simon Taylor
South Wales

PS Neath College rocks! especially Jeff Rees (Who is a huge fan!)


Thanks for an amazing show you guys put on in OKC,OK! I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the time you took to talk, sign autographs, and be socialable with me. I was hammered by the show you put on for the Ultra Zone tour! My all time favorite tunes are Little Alligator and Bad Horsie, those two always gets my attention. I picked up the Alien Love Secrets DVD and it is awesome! I love the story how you were an Indian getting chased by the train. Tender Surrender is always a pleasure to hear. I was wondering if you are ever going to release a live record with all of the current material? A live record and a DVD of that show would be the ultimate! Please consider it. I remember you were on the Fire Garden tour. Your bus caught on fire and you had a lot of personal items destroyed, at the show in OKC you pulled a DAT recorder out and recorded us. Will we ever hear a live record with that “trash dat” recording? I do hope so! Well thanks again for your tireless quest to get to the next level!

A devoted fan
always Brandon Barnett

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to email you to tell you how much you have influenced my life. My interest in guitar playing has gone from strength to strength, thanks to your music and your incredible passion for what you do. How you are able to express yourself through your music gives the amazing illusion of how your guitar is simply an extension of yourself. You are one with it, and everyone who is privileged to witness you play your music becomes hypnotised, entranced, and completely drawn into your world. I am constantly in awe of your talent. Just when I feel I know your music, something new emerges and a new boundary is set… until the next album. Seemingly there is no end to the complexities of your vision for making music. This only serves to inspire people around the globe who make contact with your music. I was privileged to have met you when you were in Australia, and was blown away by your down-to-earth nature and accessibility. I was honoured for you to sign my 10th Anniversary Jem. Your concert was all I imagined plus so much more. I will definitely remember and cherish my experience there. In this day and time, it is warming to know that heroes do exist. Thank you.

Kindest regards,
Mario Rabottini

hi rich & steve,

just a quick note and a couple of pics to say thanks for the guitar package auctioned off on It arrived a few weeks ago and now hangs proudly on the wall next to my other guitar Steve signed in Wolverhampton, UK in March. My wife & I wanted Steve to know that we had a fantastic time at the show, and even better that we got to meet him and the band afterwards!! We have some excellant photos as memories and I really hope when Steve tours again 2-3 years time (i’m sure he will!!) he visits Wolves again.

Anyway, the pics are of my 17 mth old daughter (who also met Steve that day, maybe one of his youngest fans?!) when Steve sang The Blood and Tears to her. Hope u can put these up on the site, it would make us very proud!!


andy, nikki & serenna

I’ve been to a lot of different concert with a lot of different bands but this concert was… well, different. And the best, by far.

Rich Pike, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me the two aftershow passes, but I still didn’t get laid… :-)). Who cares, what´s sex after this…?

Steve Vai, you amazed me on stage, even though you according to Mike K. were ill. I hope it wasn’t the food or the weather… and that you got well soon. Maybe you´re driving yourself too hard..?
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Mike Keneally, what have you been smoking? 😉 Ok, Steve is far out but you took the meaning of the term one step further. Now, all I need is to get hold of “Nonkertompf”… Norway is a 3rd World country when it comes to music imports. Thank God for the Internet!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Mike Mangini, you just blew me away. I have bought a 7 drum Yamaha set and am practicing 2-3 hours a day (a man has to work too, and I am never quitting the Guitar…). Hell, yes!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Philip Bynoe, you are the glue of the band. You know what it takes and puts it in there. Cool playing, man!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

I never got hold of the name of Steve’s “apprentice”, but you evidently belong in this band, that’s for sure. Nice job!!!
Too bad I didn’t get your name on that Jem 90 Certificate, you need to stick around with the other guys more. 🙂

Now all I need is to learn to read sheet music, play the keyboards, some bagpipe, harmonica and about 3000 other instruments, then I´ll kick some butt!

BTW, when is Steve´s 10-cd set coming out?

Thanks for a hilarious, breathtaking, inspiring and moving concert, Steve. I had to travel 860 miles to see it, and it would have been worth it even if I’d had to walk there and back.

…so, when will you come back to Norway…?

Sincerely yours
Alf Torp

I know the best skiing tracks in Norway, Downhill, Slalom, Telemark, you name it, so just send me a mail when winter holidays are coming. Of course, afterski is not optional. 🙂

Rich, Steve, and Vai fans;

Just wanted to comment on an article I recently stubbled upon in the Archives section of Guitar Player website from December of 1999.

Here I thought I’d see them ALL but was forwarded the Vai article, and I couldn’t take my eyes from it until I had read each and every word! Very nice write up and no, had not seen this one.

I learned a lot from that. Mainly, something that touched me I hadn’t known was that his father passed away while recording the Ultra Zone.

Interesting…very sad and yet, very inspiring that he was able to overcome the overwhelming and instant sadness of this to not only finish the Ultra Zone, but also have it turn out so beautifully at the same time.

To be so in touch with your own feelings to be able to utilize the feelings within as (in a sense) motivation toward completion is utterly unequalled!

Where so many would have given up, he continued onward to perform (what I feel) is his best yet! The diversity and guitar techniques are truly the works of a “master” and that could ONLY be Mr. Vai HIMSELF. (I am very sorry for your loss, and I understand what you may have been going through. You have my deepest sympathy but I truly believe the spirit and soul live forever.)

I find him such an inspiration to everyone who would hope to aspire in anything, NOT just the guitar but any kind of vision. It makes me smile that he has given such a wonderful gift as his music.

His eminent talent and his will to succeed in his craft should give anyone the encouragement they need to find their own niche in life.

It also made me realize that by finding your own true talent in life, you could be giving others quite a bit too! There are no losers in this kind of a deal!

Thanks Steve for sharing so much, and giving us your “all”!

Kris McBeath

Hey Steve & Company

I saw you in Manchester, England in March. I’d just like to say thank you for putting on the best concert I have ever seen! I am a huge fan of you and Eric Sardinas (I bought his album about 1 year ago) and I think both of you are fantastic guitarists – I loved the Crossroads dual in “The Attitude Song”! Oh by the way – I wasn’t dragged along by a man! I had to drag my dad along so I could come to see you! (He was dead impressed too).
Thank you for inspiring me.

Rachael Wood

Hi Steve!!

This photo is from your clinic in Orvieto (Italy). I was really happy to met the man who wrote so many songs that I love. I mean…they remind to me a lot of things in my life. I went to the “VOX” disco in Nonantola during your soundcheck. I talked with the big guys…you know…the guards in the disco, and they let me enter the “VOX” at 14:00 and I saw all your soundcheck. It was great and I couldn’t believe that you were so near from my house (I live10 minutes from “VOX”). Be prepared because in few years I will be a great guitar player!! Maybe better than you! ^_^
It has been nice to meet you,

Nikola (Italy)

Happy birthday Steve! Best wishes and peace and love and good happiness stuff to you and your beloved family from your German fan(atic) Katrin Vollmann (yes, a female fan). Thank you for being in Germany April 3rd 2000 in Nürnberg/Forum. It was the best concert I’ve ever seen in my whole live! When I’m an old Grandma and I’ll forget my own name I’ll remember THIS. Please visit Germany again soon. See you,


Hi ;

First of all, excuse-me , my english is not very good, and congratulations for being such a good musician. My name is Xavier, I’m 24 and I live in Barcelona. I’ve never written a letter to anybody in all my life. I write to you cause I love your music and I feel some kind of connection between our minds when I listen to it. This is a feeling that I’ve got just with a few other musicians (John Petrucci, Nuno Bettencourt, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucía, John McLaughlin, Eric Johnson…) but the feeling is never as strong as when I listen to you. I know that nobody cares about what I think but it’s just something I’ve always wanted to tell you (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

Actually, I don’t know anything about harmony or composition, I play guitar but I learn by myself. (I can’t read a partiture for example). That’s a very sad point, cause I’d like to know a lot about music to really appreciate-it.

I was in your concert in Barcelona on March 17. In my opinion it was even better than the last time in 1993 (it was great too), when you recorded us with a microphone. (I was very surprised that you remembered that). It was a great concert, you played songs of most of your albums, and everybody played very, very well. I didn’t know Eric Sardinas until then, he’s really good, and the rest of musicians too: “The Great Mangini”, Philip Bynoe, and Mike Keneally, he is a genius.

There is something very curious in you, it’s not just the music, I’ve got the feeling that you’re a great person, not only a great musician. I’ve talked about this point with my “twin” brother, who is a fan of you too, and he’s got the same feeling. I remember you in the last concert, taking a camera from someone in the public and trying to make a photo of yourself and that person, (while playing!!). Nobody else in the world would do that, it was very nice of you. The fact that you make the music that you want to do is fantastic too. You don’t make commercial music, just what you feel and that means you’re a musician, not a business man. And I think that for
all your fans, the fact that you make music for a minority public is very good for our little vanity.

Thank’s for all and good luck , see ya.


Little Green Men will make you Tender(ly) Surrender to them in The Ultra Zone by the flowing stream of The Blood And Tears. They will then ask you The Riddle for which you’ll try many Answers while The Audience [would be] Listening. You’d say, “I Would Love To be a Ballerina (12/24),” and after being subjected to Erotic Nightmares and told the Love Secrets during an Alien Water Kiss, you will be given your Liberty. Sprinkling some Blue Powder on your Bad Horsie, you’ll Juice up to hear The Boy From Seattle run around to Kill The Guy With The Ball.

Upon [Dying] To Live, you shall yell “Ya-Yo Gakk,” and open up the Windows To The Soul. Putting your Hand on Heart, and saying Oooo under the influence of some serious Voodoo Acid, you’ll have another Fever Dream. Frank(ly), you’ll be flying in an Asian Sky, yelling Here I Am, while everything around you goes (Jib)boom! (You)’ll Be Around The Silent Within wearing some Lucky Charms. After this Dying Day, you’ll notice that There’s A Fire In The House, and you’ll become a Crying Machine. In an attempt to solve The Mysterious Murder Of Christian Tiera’s Lover, you’ll wind up in a Bangkok hotel’s Fire Garden Suite.

“Whookam,” you’ll say as you notice the Little Alligators and Blowfish Down Deep Into The Pain. After learning All About Eve, and witnessing Genocide, you’ll leave your Aching Hunger from When [You Were] A Little Boy, and look at the Viv Woman across the street and begin Touching Tongues. Finally, too tired and with a fried brain, you’ll Call It Sleep!

Warm Regards,

PS: Darn, I figured I’ll never end if I tried to cap ALL songs… ah well

Hi, Nicholas from Singapore here. It’s a bit late but here are some pics from Steve’s concert here on February 4 1997. Superb show and I’m glad I waited for it. I queued up from 6.00pm to 10.00pm before I got in and it was worth every effort.

Thank you Steve for the great music.

June 09, 2000:

Hi Steve,

The JEM’s neck is so large that I had to customize my young sister’s arms to make her able to use it as good as you…

Continue to offer our ears such wonderful poetry, and be always the same…

Few notes from France,

Matthieu Saqué

Hey Steve,

My friends and I were in Marseille at “Le Moulin” for your second visit to our beautiful town. Just a few lines to thank you for the great show you gave to us. The place was crowded and the concert was OUTSTANDING!! You gave us 3 hours of pure HAPPINESS and lots of good memories… I would like to thank you for playing “Windows to The Soul”, “For The Love Of God” and “Tender Surrender” which made us dream. Thanks again.



Take a look at these excellent pics of Vai playing at the “London Astoria” on the 9/3/00. I took these photos myself. I’m not feeling big-headed but would’nt you say they came out superb? I’m realy suprised because I’m not a camera expert and I’m only 17.

Please feel welcome to publish these on the “Vai Site” for all to see!

All in all the concert was excellent because I got right to the front. But even better than getting to the front was when Steve handed out the body of his guitar to the audience. I was the only person to touch his whammy bar and make some really cool guitar noises…LIVE!!!

Yours faithfully,

Raymond Reilly

Hi there!

Just had the best day of my life on the 10th of March. I went to see Steve in Manchester. I met Steve and he signed some stuff for me. He then asked me to come in and watch the soundcheck… WOW… What a day I had. I spent just over two hours against the stage, taking over 200 photos of him up close & personal. He also played 2 brand new songs, one of which he said represented the United Kingdom. You really are a true gent, Steve, and a genius on all levels. A big thank you to you and your band for all of your kindness and hospitality when you were so busy.

Forever Happy,

Well, I just wanted to tell anybody who reads this that Greasy Kid’s Stuff is really cool!!! I really love it, keep up the good work,

Alejandro Salas

Dear Steve,

I hope to you get to read this. I’ve just got back in from the most amazing show I think I’ve ever been to! You gave us your all tonight, Steve – the atmosphere was so warm, fun and electric, you let me in for the soundcheck, and the new “tea and crumpets” song you recorded is so, well, English. It’s lovely. You played “Tender Surrender”, I cried again. “Windows to the Soul”, oh my God,. Then afterwards I met you. I’ve waited so long for that, and believe it or not it took a lot of courage for me to come up to you. You were so nice to me. Then I asked you to sign the back of my jacket, and you said to me “such a beautiful jacket too”, Well it will be even more beautiful to me now Steve, thank you so much for your music, we all love you so much. I wanted to say that to you at the time, but could just about speak, and I know you will come back and see us. I know you felt the warmth and love we all sent you, we didn’t want you to stop playing for us. Well God bless you Stevie, and it was such a privilege to hear the new song being recorded at the soundcheck. Yes, even all 12 times!! :o)

love to you all,

Chris J.

So, here’s my story from the recent Australian Vai tour. I’ll try to keep it brief because I could go on for ages. Basically, being a huge Vai fan, and probably an even bigger Keneally fan, I wanted to make the most of the recent Australian tour. I knew that just one show wasn’t going to be enough for me and so, I decided I’d be a bit crazy and go to all 5 Australian shows (a bit excessive, I know, but it’s not every day that they come to town and I got a package deal which kept the price down a bit). I had 3 months of holidays from university over the summer so I spent this time working my butt off packing shelves at a supermarket to save up the money for the airfares and accomodations. It was definitely worth it! (even though I was totally broke when I returned home).

The first show was in Melbourne. I got to the venue pretty early (as I did for all the gigs) so I could get a spot right up at the front. I was glad I did because while waiting outside for the Melbourne show, Steve came walking down the street (guitar in hand) and invited us earlybirds in to see the soundcheck. I don’t really need to say how fantastic the show was that night (and every other night). Next stop was Sydney (where I’m from) and I got to meet Steve in the morning at a record store signing. I got him to sign two pretty rare items for me — the original “Flex-Able Leftovers” EP (second cover) and my Loch Ness Green Jem777 guitar. I told him I was going to all of the shows, although I’m not too sure if he believed me (which is understandable). I had a MK “Sluggo!” shirt on and we both agreed what a great album that is (cool!). I got to meet Mike before the show that night and he signed all of his CDs for me and was ultra cool. The show in Sydney that night was pretty wild.

Next stop was Brisbane, and then Adelaide where I went to see Mike’s little acoustic concert at a music shop (thanks Jamie). This was the first time I’d ever heard Keneally material live and in person and it was an amazing thrill. Mike was real cool and appreciate of my “commitment” but I still couldn’t help feeling like some sort of crazy stalker or something (“The Wreckage Was Large” comes to mind). Oh well, Mike didn’t seem to care. After the Vai show the next night I got to meet the rest of the band and they were all really nice too.

The next night in Perth I went to Mike’s second acoustic show (thanks Gary). There was a bigger turnout and it was great. Mike answered a bunch of questions and played some Keneally classics. The final Vai show in Perth rocked. The aftershow shindig was pretty relaxed and we got in. Once again, everybody was really nice. We eventually pushed our way through the throng of people crowding Steve and said I’d been to all of the shows. I’m not sure if Steve recognized me or not (Steve obviously sees a lot of faces), but I did have my “Sluggo!” shirt on again. I guess he must have believed me because the next thing I knew, he was taking off his chain necklace and handing it to me! I was shocked and I couldn’t believe he was serious. I mean, how cool is that?! I thanked him repeatedly, got a photo, and that was it. I said bye to Mike, and thus ended one of the most exciting and incredible weeks of my life!

So, to Mike Keneally, Dave, Philip & Mike — thanks for the great shows and for being so cool. And to Steve, thank you so much for your unbelievable generosity and wonderful music.

So there you have it. Feel free to include this in the “Your Letters & Photos” section of the website, that is, if you can take the time to type it up. I would have sent it by e-mail instead of in the post, but I don’t have a scanner for the photos.

Thanks, and all the best —

Jimmy Lardner-Brown

Dear Steve Vai & Band,

Thank you for letting me experience one of the greatest nights in my life. This might come a bit late, that gig I’m talking about was in Hannover, Germany on April 6th and…what can I say…it was amazing. I really stood there with my jaw dropped to the floor and I had tears in my eyes, so beautiful it was. And not only the guitar performances, but also the drum ones were really great. It was truly unbelievable. My boyfriend was with me that night and I watched him several times during the show and I can tell, he was just as caught as I was by your music. You know, he wasn’t really a Steve Vai fan until he saw that show…

Well, as I said, “thank you for the music” and I (or we) hope you’ll come to Germany soon again, or at least tape one of the Ultra Zone gigs and make a video, thanks.



Hey Steve!!!

I just got back around two hours ago from the incredible performance you put on in Manchester Apollo. I have been playing my axe since I got back but I had to stop because of the ungodly hour. Anyway, all I want to say is that the show tonight had me lost for words. It was more an adventure than a concert, and the memory of that will be with me forever (I can now imagine how those who saw Jimi at Woodstock must have felt). And Steve, the way you described ‘Voodoo Acid’ within the song, well it was amazing. I can’t think of words that can express how I feel. I am on an incredible high and I’m never going to put my guitar down again.

Thank you so much.

Chris Booth

Hi Steve,

Firstly I’d like to thank you for the wonderful show you & your band put on in Wolverhampton, England on the 12th March. It’s the third time I’ve seen you through the years and your genius astounds me. Also thank you for spending time with myself and my girlfriend, she is now a confirmed fan. I’ve been telling her how good you are for years but I guess she needed to experience you with her own eyes and ears. I still can’t believe that I finally got to meet you. I’ve met most of my heroes over the years as I’m an autograph collector/dealer and its very rare that when I meet a celeb that I get a real high now, in fact most are a disappointment. Well, my head has been in the clouds for the last week – you’re a true gentleman and an example to us all, may you have health and happiness for many long years. Please come back to the UK SOON!!!

I’ve attached a couple of photo that I had taken with you.

John Hodges

Dear Steve,

I’ve just returned from the show at Ancienne, Belgique (6/3/2000). For me, this evening has been wonderful – at times an enlightening experience. I have loved your music for the last 10 years and I admire the integrity and intensity you give at all times. Tonight you had a few technical problems – notably in “Angel Food” (that damn lead) and “Fever Dream” (well if it ain’t the lead again). Still, we all got through it and thanks for perservering – especially as “Fever Dream” is one of my personal favorites of The Ultra Zone. It’s difficult to describe the emotion of finally seeing you strut your stuff after listening to you for all these years, but there were a few defining moments tonight that summed it all up – the crowd towards the end of “Tender Surrender” (‘You know how to make an American boy feel proud’), my tears during “For The Love Of God” (I just couldn’t believe I was really watching you play it) and your dive into the crowd at the end. I wanted to bring my ‘Flo’ JEM for you to sign, but I’m walking with a crutch at the moment (you may have seen me waving it about near the front on your left) and that pretty much ruled it out, but nevertheless that doesn’t spoil anything – maybe next time. Thanks for a great evening, inspiration and for touching my life in such a delightful way.

David A Baird

Dear Steve,

I have been to many concerts since1968, some impressed me more, some less. Your concert in Vienna last week was one of the best – if not the best of all – I have ever been.

This surprised me even more because I expected to hear music which I like but is sometimes hard to listen.

The impression of you and your band members was much better than on CD – the music went deeper in me than on CD.

Maybe it was the strong personal impact of you and your band members that let me feel your music better. Maybe the sound mixing – especially on FEVER DREAM – suits me better than on CD.

Also all my friends enjoyed your concert very much, all of them felt that your concert was really great! (One of my friends had no idea of your music before) I travelled 700 km to see you and it was worth it!!!

Please Steve is it possible to play not so loud? Only a little bit less would help much. I am 46 years old, my ears are already a little bit damaged (The Who or ELP or Led Zeppelin or maybe motorbike-racing, I don’t know). During rock concerts I used to take earplugs, but I cannot do this when I hear your music. I take the risk (as my doctor says) of having ringing sound in my ears after such a concert. It isn’t wise I know but you (your sound engineer) are playing too loud.

Sorry for my bad english.

I wish you all the very best from my heart and that all your dreams come true!

Kind regards,


It’s a bit dated now, but I finally scanned my Polaroid of us from the Winter 1996 NAMM show. I think I was the only person there with a stinking Polaroid camera. The upside was that I didn’t have to wait to see if the picture would come out. You might remember, I doubt it, but you might. I was the guy with the Polaroid. One of the people helping you there asked to get a picture of you and her with my camera. You were very nice and signed 4 or 5 photos for me to take back for my friends as well. You were very friendly, and had to lean over the counter quite a ways, and grab me and pull me in to get the shot. I remember thinking “WOW Steve Vai is practically hugging me”. Another cool note is that the shirt you have on must be one of your favorites, because it’s on the G3 CD too. I got that CD and told my friends HEY I TOUCHED THAT SHIRT!! Your music does nothing but inspire me. There is a part in “Ultra Zone” when you’re getting all quiet, and playing the small licks in the middle. Then you just grab it and go, the part almost sounds like your fucking your guitar (edit for content if you must here) and not in a nice way :-). Unlike in “Bad Horsie” when it sounds like your doing it nice and slow. Anyway, that’s a rather sick line of thought, but it’s what I picture in that part of the song. I’m a member of that camp that thinks you and Joe Satriani should get together for an album. He was the reason I picked the guitar up in the first place because of “Day at the Beach”. Eddie Van Halen made me keep playing after I realized how hard that stuff is. You, however, put me in total awe. I had Passion & Warfare before I ever started playing. That was mostly because “The Audience is Listening” was a cool song, that anyone could dig. I was also into Zappa. After I discovered the guitar, that album was my favorite. I used to sit in the dark and listen to “For Love of God” and try to see and feel the music. “Sisters” was the first one off of that album I was able to play and make it recognizable. I’ve babbled on enough. I hope to see this pic and letter on your site!

Warm Regards,
Stacey Lee

Hello, Steve!!!

Here is my picture that was taken in Orvieto (Italy) on 26-03-00. This day was seriously one of the greatest day of my life. I’d like to thank you for that amazing clinic.

I want also thank you for making such great music that inspires me each and every time I pick up my guitar. You are the Master, the only one!!!!

Thanks a million Steve.

Angelo Gramaccioni

You are my inspiration in my art. Look what you have done to me… hehe… this I made for your next album, okay?

With Regard,


Hello out there!

I was at Steve ‘s concert in Nijmegen, Holland on the 7th of March. To me, as a big fan of Steve, it was a very emotional event. Crying and laughing at the same time is a weird experience, I can tell you. Steve ‘s show only proved to me what he is capable of, and that he ‘s still growing in what he ‘s doing. Steve is also a kind of a motor to me, giving me a push to keep playing guitar. His concert here in Holland was a smashing experience, something which I ‘ll never forget. I ‘m going to wear my Ultra Zone t-shirt proudly and I ‘m telling everyone who wants to know about you!

Peace to you all,

Marcel Boekholt (Holland)

P.S. Damn! Still haven ‘t got that JEM…….yet!


hey hey! what up!?
check this, this is me and my uncle… trying to play your music.. ahem… haha, we need 4 hands to play your stuff, what i’m saying: YOU’RE THE BEST, warm regards from holland!

thanks for the inspiration and…
warm regards

Steve Vai’s last concert of the world tour, in Istanbul, was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Turkish audience worshipped his kind, funny and attractive behaviour as much as his guitar skills. It was a show that would never be easily forgotten.

I thank him personally for entertaining me non-stop for 2.5 half hours. It was an ultimate show and good music. I absolutely would like to see him again, whenever, wherever…


Hi all there at

My name is Gareth and I am a 19 year old male living in Northern Ireland. Ireland is not very good if, like me, you are into music no good bands ever come to play here. All of that changed recently when Steve Vai himself stopped off at Vicar Street Dublin to play a date on the 13 March.

I was there and I had the time of my life. It was a very long drive down from where I live to Dublin but it was worth it I can tell you.

Before the gig started I was hanging around the bar and I could hear some playing going on in the main hall, I asked the security guy if I could go in and he let me. I went into the hall and I could not believe it when I saw Steve sitting there warming up with Mike Keneally, I was so amazed as I have to be the biggest Steve Vai fan in Northern Ireland. He was really playing some amazing stuff.

Then I had to go back outside and wait for the doors to open, once they did I was like one of the first people into the hall. The first high point came when I spotted Dave Weiner over at the mixing desk so I went up to him and asked him for an autograph – he is like such a nice guy and down to earth.

After a bit more waiting about Eric Sardinas came on stage and played some furious blues, later that night I also met the big man himself, he is bigger than me and I am like 6 foot 3, and got his autograph. It was so cool when he lit his guitar onstage, I had never seen the like of it before and I don’t think that I will ever see anything quite like the energy that he gives off onstage.

Then, the bit that I had been waiting years for, Steve Vai came onstage. He played a blistering set, he even recorded a new song in Dublin that he had never played anywhere else, just wait ’til it comes out on one of his records, he had the whole crowd really fired up!

Steve himself and his band give off lots of energy and Steve is very charismatic, he was even messing about and talking to the audience and telling them the story behind the song “Voodoo Acid” which was very cool. I have never before seen a guitar player with so much feeling in his playing, you can really feel the passion in his notes.

The high point for me was when Steve threw a guitar pick into the audience and I got it! I could not believe it, seriously, I have always wanted my very own Steve Vai guitar pick and now I have one, locked up safely I might add. That was really the best for me, thanks Steve, all I need now is to meet him and get his autograph.

I would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this amazing concert in Vicar Street, Dublin. The show was amazing and I just can’t express my thanks enough to everyone who organized it, I would especially like to thank Steve and his whole crew for being a great bunch of lads and also you guys at for making the best site on the internet. I couldnt be happier as Steve Vai is like my favourite artist ever and I am never going to forget that night that I had in Vicar Street Dublin.




May 18, 2000:

My name is Uwe Weinert from Germany. I would like to tell you today about a meeting I had with Steve after a concert here in Dusseldorf on 04/04/2000. After the show, I have waited 2.5 hours to get this German license plate signed. It is a German tractor license pate from the small town VAIHINGEN. This town has the prefix towncode VAI. I showed him this plate and he said to me: “It´s amazing”. Then he signed it and gave it back to me. He reached into his jacket, took a camera out and made a photo of me with the license plate in my hand. Than, he gave the camera to his roadie, came beside me and the roadie made a photo of Steve and me. Then Steve told me that he will put this photo on his website! It was 2:30 am and very dark, so I think you can see from the license plate only the reflection of the flash. Out of this reason, I send you a scan of this plate and hope you can use it when you put this on his website.

Peace and love and good happiness stuff,

Photos sent in by J.T. Davis (Oklahoma City 1999 show)

Hi Guys,

I was lucky enough to be in Sydney in February and was hoping to take my 16-year-old daughter Suzanne along to Selina`s at Coogee to see the band. We were extremely disappointed to find that it was an 18+ venue and that she would not be allowed in. However, Suzanne, knowing how much of a fan I am, insisted I go alone. What a night – I thought I would never see such a gig again, and to think you had done it all three years to the night earlier. I arrived back at our hotel that night full of it and having bought a tour programme discovered that you were playing in the UK six weeks after we got home. Needless to say as soon as we got home we booked for the Manchester Gig (no age restrictions). Wow. What a show!.How do you guys do such a massive tour playing almost every night and look so fresh? It was very apparent from both shows that you were all having a great time up there on stage. I know the audiences had a ball. It goes without saying that you have another dedicated fan in my daughter Suzanne. I was a great Zappa fan and could not foresee any band that might replace his ensembles for live shows. Although the style is different the quality is of an equally high standard. Come back soon,

Pete and Suzanne Swaysland
Weston-Super-Mare England

Dear Steve,

This summer it will be 10 years since I first purchased “Passion and Warfare” at the local Wal-Mart in Harrison, Arkansas. I was 13 or 14. I had seen the video for “The Audience is Listening” on MTV and thought it was an album I needed to own.

For the first time in my life, I was presented with music that my ears didn’t fully understand. Nevertheless I kept listening and listening. The tape was glued to my Walkman as I walked the four miles to the local swimming hole on a daily basis. I often didn’t know where one song ended and the next began; cassettes are nice that way, you can’t always skip through to the hit single. Every time I listened I found something I hadn’t heard before. This still happens occasionally when I listen to that album.

Later that summer, my dad asked me if I would be interested in guitar lessons. By this time, “Passion and Warfare” had instilled in me a real curiosity to find out how tones and sounds are put together, so I gleefully assented.

Now it’s the year 2000, and despite having a ‘real’ job, I still teach guitar to about 16 students a week. Since radio and MTV don’t present much in the way of instrumental inspiration, I make tapes for the kids, so they know what a guitar can really do. Track 1 is “Eruption”. Track 2 is “For the Love of God”.

The kids are ready again, by the way. They’re ready to practice, and this time they’re not constricted by the confines of heavy metal. Although “Bad Horsie” still wigs them out.

Thanks, Steve. Thanks for shaping my life and the lives of thousands. Thanks for being thoughtful, for being sincere, humble, dilligent, intelligent, eccentric, and creative. It is by following your example that I’ve become a guitarist, a musician, a teacher, and a generally quirky individual.

Your loyal student

Colter McCorkindale

P.S. Thanks also for designing the greatest guitars in the world. Exploring my Universe 7PWH makes me feel like this:

I just came home from Steve’s gig in Munich and I wanted to thank him for one of the greatest shows I have ever attended in my life. I also wanted to thank him for bringing such great musicians like Mike Keneally and Eric Sardinas (until today I hadn’t heard of him) to Europe!

Andreas Amoros-Koehler

Dear Steve,

It’s 2 days since I saw you play (again) here in Dublin. I have one or two things to say. Firstly – my man did NOT drag me there. In fact – I am the one who spent three weeks on the phone to EVERYONE I knew trying to get some tickets as they has all sold out before we even heard you were coming. I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard “For The Love Of God”. God, what a piece of music. Secondly – THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you and thank you for the best night I’ve had in a long time. Thank your band for me too – they were great. I can’t remember everyone’s name but your Irish guitar player was AWESOME. Wow – he might look a bit like Jerry Springer (!!!) but we loved him. And the young guy you had playing with you – he was great. And that drummer – baby, next time DON’T wear the towel!!! And the bass player should switch to towels! Myself and my boyfriend saw you when you played here before – supporting Aerosmith – you signed his Ibanez RG770 for him. We were so excited to see you that when Aerosmith came on we had to leave! I never thought you’d be back here to play solo – it’s excellent that you came.

Please – please – please come back again – soon. You know how quickly the tickets sold out because I heard you say so – so you also know that there are thousands of people who couldn’t be at the gig. In saying that – I’m glad you played where you played in Vicar Street and not at the Point Depot again because it was amazing to be so close to you. Your new stuff is amazing – I had only just got my copy of “The Ultra Zone” – your old stuff is amazing – sure you’re amazing! I love watching you onstage – you’re electrifying to watch – never mind the guitar playing! I have to let you in on a little secret. When Eric Sardinas came out on stage at first someone said that he looked a bit like you. Before long he had everybody half-conviced that Eric was you in a wig! We never believed him for a minute though – all you had to do was check out the chin. Thank you for playing “For The Love Of God” at the gig – I think I would have had to beat up the bouncers and climb up on stage if you hadn’t (only to tell you that you HAD to play it!) Anyway – I just wanted to tell you thanks. Don’t stop – ever. We adore you and you’ll always be my hero. I hugely admire the amount of work you’re doing for young musicians and the next time you lick your lips at me from the stage I’ll do more than blow you a kiss! With HUGE admiration and respect,

Nikki Kavanagh.

I saw Steve Vai’s performance when he came to Taipei months ago… and I am crazy about him. SO, I made some digital artworks for my guitar hero…

Sincerely yours,

Joe F from Taipei

Hi there,

I wanted to thank Steve Vai and his band, plus Mr. Sardinas and his band, for the best concert I have EVER seen. I think the crowd’s roar was even louder now than it was 7 years ago when you last played in Copenhagen! I only hope your recording wasn’t messed to bad up (I stood behind the mixer and watched it record, in hope that it will be released someday). This was truly a night to remember FOREVER.

Words cannot describe the feeling we all had, heading for the train afterwards!

Best regards,

Jan K. Larsen


I had to write to let you know about Steve’s brilliant show in Manchester on the UK tour in March.

It was totally brilliant. A few fans met Steve in the afternoon of the show and he kindly signed some CD’s and stuff and posed for some photos. One of which I enclose here of the man himself and I, taken that afternoon. As you can see it was a bit cold and windy!

He also kindly invited a few fans into the soundcheck which was a dream come true! I got one of Steve’s Ultra Zone picks off him as well. With the show to follow, it was a truly remarkable experience I think none of the fans that were fortunate enough to be there will ever forget.


Best wishes,

Richard Booth

Thank you for finally caming to Portugal, it was the BEST concert I have ever seen, and I am very sad for not bringing my girlfriend to the concert. Mr Vai is the best…and he showed it! (He is a master of the stage). I hope he remembers his concert here in Portugal, because I certainly will never forget. Mr. Vai please never stop making that wonderful thing you do (and so very damn well), and maybe, if you ever get the chance… visit Portugal again.


A fan.

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know what a good & bad influence you’ve been on me. I bought a JEM7BW in ’91 and I love it to pieces. As you can see, I’ve done some custom work on it with the ultimate in refinishing tools…MACTAC. I actually used this slightly green tinted marble stuff on my black and green universe which looked incredibly hot. That’s a GOOD influence. Now, I also bought, 2 months previous, a used 540 Power (Satch’s ‘Not of This Earth’ cover) and I loved it to pieces. Literally. I was showing off and threw it around my body, except when it got over my shoulder, the strap post gave, and the guitar went flying and landed on the cement of the parking lot where I was standing. That’s a BAD influence. However, only the body itself sustained damage and I commissioned Sheldon Dingwall (VooDoo Bass) to build me a brand spanking new body. Complete with monkey-grip, JEM style output (angled to strap post), bridge dig-out, and additional pickup switch (full hum/individual switches). That’s a GOOD influence. And SPECIAL thanks for your ongoing relentless pursuit of excellence and inspiring us all to head back to the woodshed for those 26-hour-per-day practice sessions. Way to keep the bar up. God Bless You,

Dean Dynna
Prince Albert, SK, Canada

Hi Steve,

Wow, I went to the concert on friday at the Manchester Apollo, England purely because my boyfriend wanted to go so it was a gift. And apart from the fact that my hearing was wasted for 3 days after as I was sat right next to the left speakers, it was amazing. I was truly impressed and next time it’ll be me dragging him to the concert rather than the other way round.

Oh and I’m the blonde who got my Sardinas album signed , and I did make a complete fool of myself and am still embarrased about it !!!

Heidi Flockton

Dear Steve,

Yesterday can be best described as “V(ai)-Day” to me! Being a serious admirer of you for many years, last night, finally, a dream came true… I was able to experience your “Ultra Zone” show in Nijmegen! (Netherlands)

Let me tell you, I have seen many guitar heroes performing live, but during last night’s show YOU blew the lid right off my skull! It is simply UNBELIEVABLE what you can make a guitar do! You kept me (and the approx. 5000 other visitors!) in a complete trance from start to finish during your (almost 3 hour) performance! This must have been an emotional explosion for you (as well as for the rest of the band!) and, believe me, I still enjoy the fallout!

And what a surprise it was, when you told us that this show will be broadcasted on 4FM-radio very soon, I can’t wait to hear it (again)! Time for the rest of the Netherlands to acknowledge the true master of guitar, right?

Well, I guess I could fill another gigabyte of data about how energetic your performance was, how visible the enthusiasm is while you’re playing your music, etcetera, etcetera, but I guess by know this letter sounds like all the other ones you receive! I consider it to be a great privilege having seen you performing live, Steve!

Last night’s show changed my definition of music forever…

Mark VandenBerg, Netherlands


I would just like to post a photo I did with Steve at his Seminar in Orvieto, Italy. I must say that the seminar was obviously a great experience. Last night Steve played live in Milan, and it
was, as usual, a great show.

Now i have no more seminars or live concerts to go to…. I’ll wait till the next time.

Enjoy this relaxed and very kind Steve!

Demy Mortelliti, from Milan, Italy

LITTLE GREEN MEN stand in a row,
alongside VIV WOMAN who stands way too low.
For LOVERS ARE CRAZY so that’s what they say,
like SALAMANDERS IN THE SUN who drift away.
They listen to THE BOY/GIRL SONG, and the hum and they scream.
They dance to THE ATTITUDE SONG, yet they CALL IT SLEEP,
they call me a JUNKIE cause of BILL’S PRIVATE PARTS,
they yell NEXT STOP EARTH, and not we start?
THERE’S SOMETHING DEAD IN HERE, the old lady said,
They’ve taken our LIBERTY and left us for dead.
I search for ANSWERS for THE RIDDLE will be.
BALLERINA 12/24 a complex girl
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD we destroy our world.
Now THE AUDIENCE IS LISTENING they’ll hear what you say,
I WOULD LOVE TO teach you all the right ways,
so you lay in your pool of ALIEN WATER KISSES,
yet you do not know all you are missing,
with SISTERS in heart you fly to the moon,
you take your LOVE SECRETS along with you.
And now the trees burn for AN EARTH DWELLER’S RETURN
and in the HERE AND NOW you sing a new tune
for I will see IN MY DREAMSWITH YOU.
in a STATS OF GRACE you yearn to SURVIVE like a slaughterd PIG
RESCUE OR BURY ME is all you can say.
Ride that BAD HORSIE, and drink your JUICE,
you better DIE TO LIVE cause I am telling you.
will KILL THE GUY WITH THE BALL and thats a fact
and you know [THE GOD EATERS] will take away,
in TENDER SURRENDER forever to stay.
and it will stay there until my DYIN’ DAY
WHOOKAM in the mourning for his dead BLOWFISH
and the next one’s a long one so you’d better sit back.
need i say more
HAND ON MY HEART and out of the door.
BANGKOK she took me to the FIRE GARDEN SUITE,
ALL ABOUT EVE i saw on the tube
with an ACHING HUNGER for Japanese food.
so I called up my BROTHER he said to me DAMN YOU.
WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY you stole all my shoes!
GENOCIDE I tempted but sent WARM REGARDS.
FUCK YOURSELF he told me then set me on fire.
SO HAPPY I was when I went to the store
BOY. so i turned on the box and heard DETAILS AT TEN
for there had been a MASSACRE when

the end

[no name given]


March 05, 2000:

“Jibboom”, by Mohammed Al-Haddadin


Here is my picture that was taken in NYC on 11-23-99. This night was seriously the greatest night of my life. I’d like to thank Steve and the rest of his band for putting on such an amazing show, night after night, and also for making such great music that inspires me each and every time I pick up my guitar. I look forward to anything Steve does in the future, even if he’s playing a shoebox with rubber bands attatched to it, I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

Thanks a million Steve. Oh yeah, Rich you rule too…

Warm Regards…
Andy Dampier

Dear Steve,

I’m a 15 year old guitarist from Long Island (currently in Arizona), and I just want to say that you are my greatest musical influence. I’ve been playing now for over 5 years, and for a while, things had just kind of gotten lame (Green Day can only take you so far), until I bought ‘Passion And Warfare’. I nearly swallowed my pick! It was then that I knew what I was aspiring to.

I had the privilege of seeing your December show at the Cajun House in Arizona. I was blown away by the intensity that you kept the whole show, despite recovering from illness. Not only are you one of the most talented musicians on the planet, I feel you are one of the best performers as well. There was never a dull moment. And then you stuck around outside to give every single fan an autograph, or take a picture, etc…. And just the fact that all the band members were willing to hang out with the fans. It was an experience I will never forget.

You are an inspiration to us all. We love you Steve. God bless.

Peace and Love, and Good Happiness Stuff,
Russell Muller


I don’t know how to express myself to let you know what an awesome performance I witnessed from yourself and your band last night at Rockefeller in Oslo. I was there when you visited with VAI a few years back and that was great, but this was way beyond what I could ever imaging possible to do ‘live’. I have just one thing to say, man – YOU HAVE TO TAPE THIS SHOW TO VIDEO AND DVD! It is the most incredible live performance I’ve ever witnessed by any band – ever! I came with my brother (who is not a guitar fanatic) and he asked before the show how long I expected you to be on stage? I said probably 2 hours and he felt it would possibly be a bit boring to listen to a guitar for 2 long hours. But when you guys started your set our jaws dropped to the floor and stayed there for the entire 2 hour set! I guess this is where I could use the expression ‘he never knew what hit him’. (The best expression might be ‘The VAI train’….) What you guys did onstage was pure magic! The 2 hours went by like minutes and sitting here now I wish I had jumped a flight to Denmark to see you in Copenhagen tonite! I am still lost for words to describe what an impact this concert had on me. I just hope you read this e-mail and bring my thanx for an ‘out of this world’ experience to the rest of the band and your roadcrew!

‘An even more dedicated Steve Vai fan’

All the best, Lennart

Hey there!

Although I’m not real familiar with your work, I have heard some and was quite impressed. I am in the process of marketing my poems and songs and it is indeed a bear, but the reason for this letter is what I read on the site about individuality and the way we are and that kinda stuff. You are obviously NOT another trendy big hair guy from the 80’s! I have been playing around with the guitar for about 20 plus years, just for entertainment, and there are those times when everything clicks and I’m on cloud 9 and usually alone, but there is no greater feeling than being able to make music. Even though it’s just for me!! Good fortune with your family and career!!!

Billy Azlin


I send youa new artwork for Mr Vai. Rodolphe Wery from France ( Pleeeease put it in the site, I work very hard to make this (all the night!!!! and my girl friend is angry about me!!!)

Thanks you !!!!

Dear Steve,

You know what? I still feel excited now since I went to your concert in Taipei 2 days ago. Actually I didn’t really know you much before, but in that night, you expanded my eyes and opened my mind. I didn’t know that emotions and feelings can be expressed through music in a so strong and direct and vivid way, until I heard you playing on stage. And each one of you are all so incredible. You guys totally rocked Taipei all night!!

We’re all amazed, driven crazy and loud and contented. I’m so moved and touched that I can’t stop recalling every sound I heard from your guitar and every moment of that night, and I guess it’s gonna last for some more days…. So I just want to say THANKS. THANK YOU for giving us such a wonderful night. It’s already, as you said, become a beatiful memory in my life.

Btw, don’t compare yourself with Ricky Martin. His hip is nice though but means nothing while your performance means a lot to me. Not all girls are crazy only for sexy Ricky. And most important of all, please VISIT TAIWAN AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!

I’ll be missing you until your next concert here.

Daphny Huang


I’m just 13 years old , I don’t play guitar and I’m not a guy!!! I’ve been listening Vai’s song since I was a young baby! And my sister too. She is 5 years old and she loves YA -YO GAKK. My parents have all your CDs, and they watched all your concerts in Rio and Brazil. In the next I’ll be there, wait for me!!!!!! By the way my mom sent you an e-mail, but she forgot to write our e-mail address! She’s a little crazy!!! A little no ,TOO MUCH!!!! NO, NO!!! TOO TOO TOOO OOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my dad, plays guitar!!!! And I just know you ’cause of my parents! So you were introduced to me by my parents!!!

See you in Rio!!!!



On Dec. 14th, I was lucky enough to see the “Ultra Zone” tour stop in Phoenix, AZ at the Cajun House. I’ve seen Steve numerous times but this time was special. It seems as though Steve was gettin’ over pneumonia and announced that he would do more instrumentals because of his voice due to the flu bug. We all cheered knowing that Steve was going to give it his all in the name of love and music.Steve then proceeded to show the crowd a new meaning for showmanship and love for his fans. It was like he was playing in our living room giving us all a chance to participate. I’ve never seen an artist make so much contact with his audience. He pointed to many of us, smiled at us, and made so much eye-contact you would swear he was a close friend saying hey. Steve even took a stage dive and we all held him and gently put him back on stage. After the show he signed my Jem10, amongst all things for all people. And as I tried to get a picture of my guitar next to him, he said,”Oh no, not like that, like this”, proceeding to pose with my guitar. ALL THIS FROM A SICK MAN. Steve is the most gracious man I’ve ever met and I will always strive to live my life with the same “harmonius tone”. Thank GOD for Steve Vai.

Phillip Baeza II

Hi Steve,

My parents aren’t rock fans, but they always have been very supportive of my music efforts. Many years ago I started playing guitar, and since my parents have heard a lot about you and your music. My dad became fond of “For the Love of God” and always asks me to play it, or try anyway. So I thought that I would take them to a concert. I really wanted them to see what guitar playing is all about. I wanted them to see how much energy there is, and how the crowd responds as one. I also wanted to show them someone who could really play and was fun to be with. They think I’m the best guitarist, but you know, parents always think that. Obviously, there was only one show for them to see; Steve Vai.

They came to visit me in St. Louis and we attended your show last Halloween night. That day we saw you at Guitar Center and my dad won a couple extra tickets for being the oldest fan there. He’s only 56, but sometimes he looks older. Then later that night we headed out for the venue. We arrived an hour early and ended up in the middle of the line waiting to get in. My mom suffered a back injury in a car accident the year before. She recovered almost completely, but still has back pain when standing for long periods of time, especially while standing on concrete. I was hoping there would be a place for her to sit, but all the tables and chairs were removed from the floor. I thought for a while we would have to leave early, but she wouldn’t. She stuck it out and we saw the whole show. My dad was hoping you would play “For the Love of God” and was very glad to hear it. My parent’s loved it all; the costumes, the lights, the energy, the confetti blast, and most importantly, your band’s performance. Thanks for showing them why I love to play. It’s a night we won’t soon forget.

Marty McConnell

Our friend Eiji in Japan sent these pictures from our recent tour there! Pictured with Eiji, from the top, are of course Steve, Mike Keneally, former guy Rich Pike, and Steve again.

Dear Steve,

My husband, I, and two of our friends really enjoyed the show at the Fubar in Pompano Beach, Florida. We are so invigorated by the blending of excellence and joy that you and your band bring to the stage. I would like to respond to your comment about ladies not attending your shows except when they are dragged along by spouses and dates. I not only came willingly with my guitarhead husband, but arrived wearing my “Passion and Warfare” T-shirt!

Joseph Campbell, the scholar and writer, talked about people finding their bliss in their work and in their lives. When I see you and Steve Morse each performing live, I know what he meant. I wrote a poem about my experience at the Fubar show and my husband encouraged me to send it to you. Thanks for the great performances and the fine music. Here’s the poem:


Out of the mists of time
he strums, like some exotic electric
dragon breathing fire and flame
– light without heat –

A sonic wizard working his
weirding ways upon the
mesmerized masses,
held in sway by rapturous
melodies He weaves.

A whirlin’ modern Merlin
spinning straw into golden
strands of rhythmic patterns of
pounding pulses of pensive sense
and non.

He glides. He slides.
He bends and breaks,
He runs and flies from first
to end,
on fretboards made of
hammer-ons and whacked out
whammy bars.

And then He smiles
and winks and laughs.
He strolls and strums with
dancing fingertips,
grows soft and childlike in his
and chuckles when he thinks
too much.

In frenetic beats He counts in
blinding speed, He races
pauses – still – wrapped silent
in Caesura’s arms – then races
on till almost spent, he doubles back
then begins anew.

Oh, take me once more upon your
magic flying Ibanez to kingdoms
past and never were.

Where melodies of molten liquid steel
transport me once again on fantastic
of whimsy and joy to
the Land of the Son of Invention

Jan Lord

Dearest Steve & co.,

I feel so privileged to have something as great as a love for music in common with a cool guy like yourself. I don’t want to come across as a typical, love-struck teenage girl, but keeping this letter of appreciation brief, it’s going to be hard not to. My name is Lauren and I was privileged enough to catch your show in Melbourne, Australia on the 3rd Feb, 2000.. at the Palace nightclub. I am just a scratch under 18 (yes.. the show was over 18.. I’m a criminal… I dressed up a bit… anything to see you.. what can I say?) and although I have only been familiar with your music for a short time, I have found both your lovely self, and your music, to be a real attention getting for me.

I like to refer to myself as an “aspiring guitarist”. Though sometimes I wish I would have started my journey with music earlier in ife, anything I lost in time, I’m trying my best to make up in effort and enthusiasm. Watching a successful musician such as yourself getting such joy and making a living from doing something that he obviously loves, has shown me that music, even if it is going to be a tough journey, is definitely an interest that I need to pursue.

I must admit, your little comment about most females in the audience having been dragged along by their boyfriends *almost* gave me an impulse feeling to scream out “I’m free Steve”.. but uh.. no, luckily I composed myself and saved myself, and those around me much embarrassment and discomfort.

I admire the fact that you realise how important fans are in the business that you are in, and I hope that the love and time that you put into maintaining them comes back to you doubled. Best wishes for the future Steve, stay inspirational, and above all, please stay yourself.

You rock my world,

Hello Steve and Band,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play with you in Cleveland, Ohio at the Odeon on November 12, 1999. I really enjoyed winning the contest and jamming with you and your most awesome group of musical maniacs. You severely laid down some tunes that evening and I hope that the rest of the tour is going equally kick ass. Following you since Zappa I find myself enjoying every new group you put together. Thanks again for the chance to meet and lay down some licks with you and the group. This was truly a night to remember!!!

These attached pictures are from the show. Feel free to post them if you would like.

Peace in the New Year,

Freddy DeMarco
“DeMarco Brothers Band”

Dear Steve Vai: If you ever read this, I just want you to know that my Carvin/Vai Legacy combo amp (bought last month) is simply THE GREATEST ROCK GUITAR AMPLIFIER I HAVE EVER PLAYED THRU OR HEARD! I have been playing guitar for 35 years & I know SUPREME quality when I hear (& play) it. Thank you so much for designing this wonderful creation, which has helped rejuvenate my passion for playing rock guitar (although my neighbors may not feel so grateful–?). I’ll be adding the 2-12″ extension cabinet in the near future (the neighbors will just LOVE that!). My playing has NEVER sounded so good. The Legacy amp is truly a GIFT TO (guitar-playing) HUMANITY! If they awarded Nobel prizes for guitar amp design, you’d win it hands-down, if it were up to me!! Thanks again!

With respect and gratitude,
Don Lockman

Hello to all,

Here’s a photo from when Steve visited Guitar Center in North Olmsted (a suburb of Cleveland) on November 12, 1999. The band then gave a splendid performance at the Cleveland Odeon that night.


To Steve Vai,

Thanks 4 a great concert on the 01 of Feb (Powerstation). Also thank you 4 inviting us into the soundcheck. That was the 2nd time that we had seen you in concert.

Kia Ora from JAYMZ CAVALERA!!!!!!!!

Hello all – I have FINALLY scanned my picture from the concert from Halloween in St. Louis, MO. It was by far the best concert I have ever been to – a bit small and crowded in the Firehouse though! Getting there three hours early was worth everything (thanks to Jarrett) – the line got long! I can’t wait to see Steve play again… very awesome, and a great night! Great job to the Vai band (hey Dave)! The bad part – getting up for school the next morning!

Hope to see you all again!

hey steve,

first off i would like to let you know i’ve been a fan of yours since 1986. when flexable came out i was deeply inspired by every song especially “little green men” that song was so different from anything i ever heard at that time – my mind opened up to all kinds of experiences i never knew existed. i am of course talking about what can be done writing and playing music. i seen you in phoenix at the cajun house on dec. 14, 1999. all i have to say is i’m still in awe. i saw your sex & religion tour in 1995 and i don’t remember it being as amazing as this last time. i did meet you then and got 2 guitar picks from you which i show everybody i meet, even people who don’t know who you are. and that’s a shame. so i insist they listen to your music, so far everyone has gotten hooked instantly. i would like to thank you for the pic you took with me and the signatures. also the best show i’ve ever seen.

this is for any fans of steve if you haven’t seen him live yet, i’ll say this:
one thing “YOU MUST SEE HIM” or you’ll be missing out on a great experience.

vai fan forever,
Gary Ridener

Hi. I am 9 years old and a big Steve Vai fan. My Mom took me to meet him twice when he was in New York. He is so cool and so nice. I want to be a guitar player. They do not give guitar lessons in my school so for now I am taking drum lessons and learning how to read music. My Dad is a drummer and we also have a keyboard that I am learning to play.

I am so happy that Steve was nominated for a Grammy this year. I think his new album is great. We listen to it all the time at home including my Mom and Dad, and brother and sister – they are 13 and 4.

Ryan Fitzgerald

For my frend and life teacher Steve Vai this photos with the best guitars in the world in my hands. Please Steve come to play your celestial music in Mexico City – your home with pyramids mayas, in this land you have many friends and these friends are waiting for you 2 visit to Mexico your house Steve.

Agustin de la gala

Hi Rich,

Lachlan here from Melbourne. Thanks a lot for the backstage passes! Here is a scan of two pics of me with Steve and Mike K. Could you please put them up on the Letters & Photos page?


Press Release
to be published ASAP


A UJO(unidentified jumping object) was sighted yesterday, February 10 2000 in the lobby of renowned french university Panthon-Assas in Paris at around 1015 GMT. Students who have watched the scene say the UJO was jumping around and yelling something like: “I got it! Good God I got it! I fucking got it” The police in Paris have asked special agents D.Scully and F.Mulder from the VBI(Vai Bureau of Investigation) to help them find out the truth.

The special agents of the VBI discovered that the UJO was in fact a third year law student of the university, aged 22, and going by the name of Rabin Bhujun. The young man had just learned by e-mail that he was given a backstage pass in order to meet Steve Vai, his guitar master after the latters show on coming march 15. Upon reading the mail; he transformed in a UJO. The student had been taken to a nearby mental asylum yesterday evening but was released this morning after having been questioned by the VBI’s agents.

From the Editor in Chief
Rabin Mag

Thank you very much again guys!



My name is Enrique and I’m from Argentina so have some patience with my English.

I just wanted to say how incredibly inspired I am from your music. I’ve been hearing your music since I was like10 years old with a few Whitesnake albums a friend of mine had and I was gone. After that I bought Passion & Warfare and by listening to “For the Love of God” I started to think of how it was possible for a person to express such an amount of emotions with only one note. I came to the conclusion that there are some things in life that we are better off not knowing.

I just wanted to let you know that and send some warm regards.

PS: I also do my bends in a circle shape



I’ve just seen Steve play at the Powerstation in Auckland, New Zealand and I thought I’d drop a line and simply say THANKYOU! That gig was amazing. Cheers also to Mike, Mike, Philip and David, they were also awesome. Steve had a meet & greet the day before the gig and he was a true gentleman, he signed everyone’s CDs, posters etc… and he remained polite and interested in hearing what we had to say.


Simon Hounsome

Photos from Detroit by Michael Benak. (No unauthorized downloads please, per the photographer.)

From New Haven, CT, sent in by Pete Bova. (Pictured: Fire, Steve & Pete)

Dear Steve,

I’ll not waste time with pitiful attempts at explaining how profoundly important you and your music are to me. Doing that would take a million words, a thousand pictures, and hundreds of notes. On to what this message’s about… Last week my girlfriend was killed in a car accident. She was, well, everything to me. (I’m sure you know what I mean.) During the service, I was within a few inches of becoming completely unraveled; every part of me was just screaming at the loss. Feeling this, I had “Frank” played over the mortuary sound system. I could think of no better way to say “goodbye.”

Thank you for sharing with us the little pieces of your soul we call songs. When my soul cries, it’s very comforting to have you there with me.

Deep respect, admiration, and love,

Sean deVries


January 11, 2000:

A long overdue addition to these pages — a group shot of our friends at the very first Jemfest! For more info on Jemfest, which has its second gathering planned for Las Vegas in 2000, please do visit!

Four photos from Jay Cash. Notice Jay’s tattoo? His other one is bigger, and is on the tattoos page!

Congrats to Steve for the Grammy nomination in Catagory 18, Best Rock Instrumental Performance: Windows to the Soul. This is truly great!

Kelly R.

Hello all,

I didn’t have an e-mail address to send this comment to but I do now so here we go! I just wanted Mr. Vai to know that he does actually have female fans that know his music better than most males! Not all of us come to his shows to check out his bod!

He had made a comment on stage when he was introducing “Voodoo Acid” that “going to school at Berklee was like going to a Steve Vai show: 100 guys to 2 girls”. Something like that, but then he was quick to say that there was probably some girl in the audience saying, “But I brought my boyfriend”. Well, that was me!

We really loved the show and it was one of the best times that I had seen him. I drove all the way from Pittsburgh, PA to see the show too so talk about dedicated 🙂

Anyway, I just thought that I’d make that comment so that he doesn’t think that all females are alike.

One “different” fan,


Hey there!

Although I’m not real familiar with your work, I have heard some and was quite impressed. I am in the process of marketing my poems and songs and it is indeed a bear, but the reason for this letter is what I read on the site about individuality and the way we are and that kinda stuff. You are obviously NOT another trendy big hair guy from the 80’s! I have been playing around with the guitar for about 20 plus years, just for entertainment, and there are those times when everything clicks and I’m on cloud 9 and usually alone, but there is no greater feeling than being able to make music. Even though it’s just for me!! Good fortune with your family and career!!!

Billy Azlin

From a couple of long time fans… The show in Raleigh, NC back in November just blew us away!!! Thank you Steve so much for coming to Raleigh! The whole band is awesome and so talented, and so friendly! What a great bunch of guys!

Hope to see you again!

Doug, Dale, Daryl, David

Here’s a pic of Steve onstage at the Long Branch

Steve Vai and Steve Josovitz

Ladies and gentlemen, the talented and devoted Ms. Tamara Filas

Hi Steve!

I drew this little thing inspired by your own work as an artist. It’s just my way of saying ‘thanks’ for your gift of music to my life. I know that it may appear a bit ‘dark’, which I know isn’t really you, but that was not my intention. It just kind of developed into what you see here! My state of mind was that of creativity and mysticism, something that your music has always given to me. I know that you are a very busy person, but I would love to know what you think about it, if at all possible! Anyway, thanks again for all that you’ve unknowingly given to me over the years!

Frederick Javier. 🙂

Dear Steve,

Well, I really don’t know where to start. You have been a major influence in my guitar playing. Although not famous (yet…) I hope to be sometime in the future. I’ve never seen you live (I don’t believe you ever came to Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada) but hey, CD’s are the next best thing (well, not quite as good as vinyl if you take care of it, but anyways….) So basically, “Passion And Warfare” was my first Vai experience. Oh, and Crossroads and the two tracks on “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” (excellent!). After finally piecing my way through “Eugene’s Trick Bag”, and actually getting good tone and speed out of it (which is extremely difficult on a primitive 21-fret guitar where I have to fret the 2nd string against the middle pickup to achieve the last note) I then listened to “Passion And Warfare”. I think I still have a slight scar on my chin from when my jaw dropped to the floor. Awesome, awesome album.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the caffeine talking, but all things considered, you are one of the greatest guitarists that I have ever had the privilege to listen to and be inspired by. I have been playing guitar for 10 years, and now I realize what I have been missing. I think I’m doing okay for 15. Hey, maybe if my little demo CD that I’m recording turns into anything, you never know – I might become a somebody. I love music, and love listening to people who show love for music (maybe that’s why nowadays people in my school don’t listen to the same music that I do? Or maybe because I have longer hair than most of the women in my grade…?). I think it’s everyone’s dream to become famous for something they love doing, and ever since I won the talent show at my school I knew that making music is what I really want to do. And now I’m one step closer having great musical inspirations like yourself (now the next step is a new guitar, when I can find a job at a business that won’t go under…)

Take care, and keep up the excellent work!

Jonathan Stanbridge

P.S. Do you know of any 1st string that lasts more than a week with constant use of the whammy bar? Didn’t think so…. Anyways, hope you come to Edmonton soon so I can come down and hear you live!