Mailbag 86

I just read the Journals…WOW! Obviously a great addition to a great page. My mind is racing with emotion as I write this note. The greatest memories for Steve and myself! The real meat looks to be the Diamond Dave tour, and I must say, it really was. As I was reading his journal, my mind took me on a journey of a time most fond in my own heart. As Steve went through a day by day account of that tour, so many fond memories came into my minds eye. I am so glad to have lived those times as I did not really know what or who I was sharing them with! I look upon it now and can only agree with Steve, that karma and the gods had brought us to this stage in our colorful lives.

I was on that tour with Dave, Billy, Greg & Steve 10 years ago. So many other names pop into my mind, on that tour, good times-bad times. So lucky to have traveled with such great people, great minds, very great times. I remembered (most) of what I was doing on each of the days listed. Unlike Steve though, names like Wheatly, Angelis, Stranger, Bad Bob, A.J.,Wilbur, Wolfman and The Tittyman come to my mind, we were all in the same places, we just had different realities!
Thank you very much for adding this in here, you not only took me down memory lane with Steve, but took me to places that I had’nt been in a decade!

Boy just like Steve, I could write a book, but I’d probobly be sued too!

Thanks for the memories,

Dan Pickell
Truck driver, lighting gear
1986 “Eat ‘Em and Smile” Tour