Mailbag 84


I was very depressed. I had been attending Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood and had very little self esteem from all the challenges of the city life, and things were starting to overwhelm me. I was losing weight fast from not having enough money to buy food and the $5 coffeehouse gigs were taking a toll on my will to live. I thought I was a good player but I became lost in a sea of speedpickers willing to lose their souls just to gain notoriety.

One day you came to my school and you spent time talking and I listened. You spoke about being shy once before, and having spent time finding out who you were inside. I made a recording of this day but have never needed to replay it because I can still hear your words, “Get in touch with your inner being then you will be ready for anything”.

Well, maybe I took it farther than you might have meant. I went back to my hometown and obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology and plan to obtain a PHD in several years. I have gained a style of my own and many people can hear me playing on any recording and they know it is me playing.

I have not followed your career but always know your playing when I hear it and now have the pleasure of helping others like you helped me. I thank you so much for helping me get though that rough time in Hollywood and have created a website to help other musicians. It is called Musicians, Inc ( and I hope you can visit someday. That would mean a lot to me.

Thank you again warmest wishes,

Nesmo King