Mailbag 8

>Well, here I am!

My name is Maria Paola, I’m 22 and I study philosophy in Bologna and I really love Steve’s music and visions and his positive energy. I hope Steve will not see my photo (that’s a big lie, but I’m shy in some way or I am something else I couldn’t say, because I gotta keep it clean…) and I hope also that he will never want to listen to me playin’ his “Bangkok” or “The Crying Machine” with my soprano sax (another lie).

About the photo: It shows 3 different dimensions through mirrors, left to right; PAST (when I was not yet born), PRESENT (where I am now, even if I don’t realize why…), and FUTURE (what I will be, maybe, and if my face does not appear in the future it’s because I’m not strong enough to face my future…but I’m still growing and I will use my inner strength to find the answer, one of these days…)

Are you still there?