Mailbag 73

One of my most valued possessions is a videotape of an FZ concert, Samhain night 1981, featuring a very young but still brilliant Steve Vai. In the Steve’s Journals section, there was nary a word about the show/tour, FZ, or anything relating to that year. Hope the reason is not an unhappy one. Having read bits and pieces in “The Real Frank Zappa Book” I would look forward to hearing more from Steve’s perspective.

“Passion and Warfare” is an inspiration; have had this CD since it was a new release, and lately I’ve been itching to play again after a 22-year hiatus. Listening to this CD really intensifies the urge to go ahead and get callouses again, not to mention the investment of several bottles of chloroseptic (to deaden the pain in the fingers!).

Enjoyed the hell out of the G3 tour – thought I’d be the only old fart in line, but it didn’t turn out that way. Looking forward to future performances. Thanks for all the fun.

Lynn Patterson