Mailbag 72

Hey guys…my name is Bill and I’m from San Diego CA. I was just mailing to say that since my guitar teacher let me borrow ‘Passion and Warfare’, I couldn’t turn it off. I knew who you were when I saw ‘Crossroads’ but when I heard your stuff I said “man, I bet he could play that piece with his eyes closed and with his tongue!” I’ve been playing guitar for about 2 years and still have yet to have a day where I dont play… I think you’re the greatest musician (not just guitar player) ever… your mind just seems to work in these outstanding creative ways… also, if you plan to tour, don’t forget SAN DIEGO!!! I really really really want to see one of your shows. Anyway, keep up the great music and hope to see ya in SAN DIEGO!

Bill Trevaskis
San Diego, CA