Mailbag 71

Steve and Co.,

Well, a few my co-workers(who are also musicans) & I went up to Boston last night to see Steve’s “Ultra Zone” promo at Tower Records. It was killer! Steve ripped and we snapped some pretty good pics of him in mid-stroke! Awesome!! There is also a pic of Steve & I.

An inspiring experience to say the least! When I got home I practiced my guitar for a solid three hours.

Thanks Steve and best of luck with the “Ultra Zone” tour! I will look forward to the tour coming through the Boston area!

Paul LaParle

PS – One more… there was this half-naked old man riding around on a scooter where the line was outside of Tower Records… too *$#&’n funny! So I snapped a pic of him as well…”Scooter-Dude!”