Mailbag 5


Thought you might find this funny. My ten year old son believes you are the second coming of Christ. He absolutely hates today’s bands (I raised him right). Anyway, it is the last day of school in his fourth grade school year and the teacher throws a home room party, and lets the kids bring their CD’s (each kid gets to play one song each during the party.) Naturally, the kids bring Spice Girls and other top 40 groups. What does my kid bring? Mine brings “Passion and Warfare.” His teacher asks “Who is Steve Vai?” My son shouts to the class, “the best guitarist that is and ever will be!!”

My kid is the first to play his selection and of course plays “The Audience is Listening” (in the spirit of school). A small bit of laughter arose when the teacher begins coaching “little Stevie” and when Steve’s teacher shouts “turn it down,” my kid reaches over and cranks up the volume on the jam box. It was straight out of a movie – hilarious!

Next year, my son (he is the apple of my eye) plans on entering the school talent show, playing of course – the guitar (I bought him a little Washburn). Watch it Steve, he’s gonna kick your ass 10 years from now!

Alan Atwood