Mailbag 46

Hello to Captain Vai and whoever happens to read this,

I was investigating your site and saw all of the other people sharing their thoughts and praise, and felt left out. So here is MY wonderful letter.

I don’t know what the appropriate word or phrase would be to describe what I know of Steve Vai. Wowser comes to mind, but doesn’t capture anything. You(Steve) really amaze me, you play so much, and even overplay a lot, but never lose anything from the songs. You always manage to keep the whole emotional aspects of your music in mind. That is really neat. Many people work really hard to play like you, but end up just being another person who does nothing but show off in guitar stores. The key problem I find is that people aren’t playing for their hearts, but for their egos. It doesn’t matter what or how many notes you play but how you play them and what they mean to you. I think that on many of your songs, like “For the Love of God” and a plethora of others. That’s all I have to say about that, for now. So, in conculsion, you rock! What was the point of all this? I hope it was enjoyable if anything. Au revoir, Chief. Keep it bassy!

Jay Ratkowski