Mailbag 4

>One overcast day, a stainless steel tour bigger than it appeared to be from the outside. The insibus without any windows pulled in front of my house. As I walked toward the bus the doors opened. Inside, I discovered that the bus seemed MUCH de walls of the bus were lined with electronics from the floor to the ceilings. It looked similar to a space craft. Next to every row of electronics was what looked to be giant speaker mounted into the walls of the bus. There were 4 of them. In front of every speaker, on the floor, was a small meditation platform. On the center platform…there was Steve Vai kneeling in a meditation position. As I knelt on the platform next to his, the electronics throughout the vehicle came alive with process. As I/we began to meditate, the bus began to drive. There was no driver, no windshield or any operating mechanisms. As the bus drove we began to levitate. We hovered 3 feet off the floor. The lights turned dark blue. The electronic devices processed our energy, which was being drawn by the the speaker like dishes, into the electronics and processed into MUSIC! The music was powering the bus and was also being projected through an enormously loud speaker system on top of the bus. As the bus drove… everyone stopped what they were doing and ran to see where the glorious sound was coming from. People listened as they watched the bus drive by slowly. It made everyone who listened love one another and forget hate. As the bus drove the earth, wars stopped, violence seized and there was peace in the world….then I woke up!

joe sozzi