Mailbag 40


Steve & Company,

The show, as expected was great… I managed to squirm my way up to the front of the stage with my digital camera. Included are a couple of color, B&W and a few that I used a couple of the funky settings to get some different effects for the pix. I was so close, that several times I grabbed one of Steves’ extra guitar picks right off of his guitar. Several times (while playing) Steve gave that me that look and shook his index finger as if to say, “now, now, now… you’ve already got some, leave some for the others”. Total laughs!

What’s cool about the Vai camp… is that they are genuinely nice. Hanging out after the show, taking pix with the fans (there is one of Philip and myself), signing autographs, etc. Having selected fans (who won a radio contest) jam on stage with Steve and the band (the guy in New Haven was pretty good). There are not many camps that embrace their supporters in such a way, so thanks again!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Paul LaParle