Mailbag 35

> My name is César, a Spanish Steve admirer and amateur guitar player that loves Steve’s music and ideas. When I first listened to his music I was tuning Radio Nacional de España 3, and I only listened a little piece of music which wasn´t played entirely, but was as a kind of presentation of a radio program. It was “The Boy from Seattle” and it struck me for its strange and dreamy melody. I had already heard about him from my friend of that time David P.T. , but stupid prejudices that blocked my mind prevented me from discovering his music long before. The first album I heard entirely was “Sex & Religion” and it really got me although I must confess that at the beginning I didn´t like it so much as when I had heard it twenty times. The thing is that when I listened (and listen) his music I start to fancy and dream :”Hey! How the heck has he done that thing? And that other? That sounds beautiful!” It caused on me an effect of spurring my imagination to distant places where I hadn’t ever been. I had taken the guitar already, and I must confess that it was my aforementioned friend playing and Joe Satriani’s music what aroused in me that unknown love for music, but when I discovered Steve’s music it really pushed me forward to be a better guitar player.

I have to say also that I have been through hard times in my life, and it has not been just one time when I’ve been cheered up by Steve’s music. It helped me a lot in some occasion, especially “Liberty” and “Erotic Nightmares”, this last song having one of the rhythm guitar parts that I like most. This is true. The purpose of this letter is a kind of giving thanks to you, Steve, for being as you are (although I suppose you can’t help it, and that’s fine in my opinion) and for making that music that I like so much. Thanks a lot, and warm regards.