Mailbag 32

>In late 1990 after being a Steve Vai fan for only about a year. I heard on the radio that Steve was going to be signing autograghs at a Haunted Hay Ride in Fairborn OH, not far from where I live. This was just after Whitesnake. We got there early but still had a very long line. After about two hours of standing in the cold I was next in line. I had my guitar out and was ready to meet the MAN. At that moment some guys said Steve we have to go…..I’m sure it was not Steve’s fault. The next chance I got was in Cincinnati when Steve opened up for Bon Jovi. That’s where I got my “Alien Love Secrets” video. I didn’t get to meet Steve but did get to meet his keybaord player. After viewing my new Vai video I subscribed to Greasy Kid’s Stuff…..Then the call came!!! It was Richard Pike. To make a long story short, he got me aftershow passes for the G3 show in Columbus. The six year wait was over. Thanks Richard & Steve. See you next tour.

Shawn Gillespie