Mailbag 3

>Hi Steve,

I was reading one of your journal entrails, er, ‘scuse me – entries – yesterday, on your web page. Good looking page, by the way. I think you wrote something about one of your friends, how he was having a really low time in his life, and then, almost suddenly, a really high or euphoric time. It made me think of something I just read in the book I’m currently reading, “The Tenth Insight”. You strike me as the kind of person who would like this book as well as the first part, “The Celestine Prophecy”, both by James Redfield. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already read them. Anyway, in the book, he’s referring to souls who won’t or can’t yet allow themselves to accept the help or love they need to pull them out of a very tough or anxious place, why they won’t ‘wake up’ or ‘accept the love’ they so badly need. I don’t know if this applied to your friend or not. The one guy asks “Why can’t they accept the love”?, and the other replies ” Because when they feel the energy (love) and it raises their consciousness a degree, their preoccupation lifts somewhat and doesn’t fend off the anxiety of their aloneness. Coming into awareness and breaking free of a control drama always feels anxious at first, because the compulsion has to lift before the inward solution to the lostness can be found. That’s why a ‘dark night of the soul’ sometimes precedes increased awareness and spiritual euphoria”. I dunno, I thought it was a pretty good one, and what you wrote about your friend going from in the dumps to a state of euphoria made me think of that. It also reminded me of times in my life that were that way, and I think it’s true. Always darkest before the dawn kinda thing. So that’s all, thought you might dig that. You’ll like the books if you’re into reading. Also, check out “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. Great story.