Mailbag 39

Mr. Vai & crew:

We had the privilege of seeing you live at the Barrymore in Madison,WI recently and were awed by your show and wonderful attitude. It is a breath of fresh air to see musicians of your caliber playing in a small venue such as the Barrymore. Further, the attitude conveyed by you and the band seemed to be one of sheer enjoyment of simply playing your music and being there performing for the fans.

We were also impressed by the fact that you invited a local radio station contest winner to jam with you on stage and to also invite Mr. Sardinas back to play with you during your encore. What a wonderful experience for those people to have the honor of actually jamming with you live.

The web site is wonderful. I look forward to seeing the interactive lessons up and running when you get the time. It is very cool that you are willing to share your vast talents with the world.

Thanks for the years of music, inspiration and your take on life.

Very truly yours,

Mike & Laurie