Mailbag 20

>Hello Steve Vai & Co.,

I was on your very interesting homepage. It gave a very in-depth insight of you, your music and your life. To be honest, I don’t like all of your stuff even though I have all your ‘Vai’ records. Some of it I only listened to once or twice.

On the other hand there is a lot to learn from your music. I have bought myself the ‘Passion and Warfare’ songbook and it is one of my best investment in music scores. Not that I want to imitate you (I probably couldn’t do that, even if I wanted to, hehehehe), but to learn from you and your music. Your way of seeing things in this world of caos and translating them to your music is just insane and beautiful at the same time. I have been playing the guitar for about 14 years and am still having problems focusing on what kind of music I really want to play. One day it is jazz, the next blues, etc. But in your music I saw that it is possible to connect these together to make something you can’t describe.

The song that wants to make me cry and is is still my favorite instrumental is ‘For the Love of God’. The first time I listened to that song I had a shiver go up my spine and I almost peed in my pants (just kidding, hehehehe). This still happens (the shiver, not the peeing)! I hope you continue to be you and don’t let yourself be influenced by those stupid record companies who ruin good music.

Best regards to you and your family

David Forbes, Germany