Dear Steve,

I have been to many concerts since1968, some impressed me more, some less. Your concert in Vienna last week was one of the best – if not the best of all – I have ever been.

This surprised me even more because I expected to hear music which I like but is sometimes hard to listen.

The impression of you and your band members was much better than on CD – the music went deeper in me than on CD.

Maybe it was the strong personal impact of you and your band members that let me feel your music better. Maybe the sound mixing – especially on FEVER DREAM – suits me better than on CD.

Also all my friends enjoyed your concert very much, all of them felt that your concert was really great! (One of my friends had no idea of your music before) I travelled 700 km to see you and it was worth it!!!

Please Steve is it possible to play not so loud? Only a little bit less would help much. I am 46 years old, my ears are already a little bit damaged (The Who or ELP or Led Zeppelin or maybe motorbike-racing, I don’t know). During rock concerts I used to take earplugs, but I cannot do this when I hear your music. I take the risk (as my doctor says) of having ringing sound in my ears after such a concert. It isn’t wise I know but you (your sound engineer) are playing too loud.

Sorry for my bad english.

I wish you all the very best from my heart and that all your dreams come true!

Kind regards,