Dear Steve,

I’ve just returned from the show at Ancienne, Belgique (6/3/2000). For me, this evening has been wonderful – at times an enlightening experience. I have loved your music for the last 10 years and I admire the integrity and intensity you give at all times. Tonight you had a few technical problems – notably in “Angel Food” (that damn lead) and “Fever Dream” (well if it ain’t the lead again). Still, we all got through it and thanks for perservering – especially as “Fever Dream” is one of my personal favorites of The Ultra Zone. It’s difficult to describe the emotion of finally seeing you strut your stuff after listening to you for all these years, but there were a few defining moments tonight that summed it all up – the crowd towards the end of “Tender Surrender” (‘You know how to make an American boy feel proud’), my tears during “For The Love Of God” (I just couldn’t believe I was really watching you play it) and your dive into the crowd at the end. I wanted to bring my ‘Flo’ JEM for you to sign, but I’m walking with a crutch at the moment (you may have seen me waving it about near the front on your left) and that pretty much ruled it out, but nevertheless that doesn’t spoil anything – maybe next time. Thanks for a great evening, inspiration and for touching my life in such a delightful way.

David A Baird