Dear Steve,

I hope to you get to read this. I’ve just got back in from the most amazing show I think I’ve ever been to! You gave us your all tonight, Steve – the atmosphere was so warm, fun and electric, you let me in for the soundcheck, and the new “tea and crumpets” song you recorded is so, well, English. It’s lovely. You played “Tender Surrender”, I cried again. “Windows to the Soul”, oh my God,. Then afterwards I met you. I’ve waited so long for that, and believe it or not it took a lot of courage for me to come up to you. You were so nice to me. Then I asked you to sign the back of my jacket, and you said to me “such a beautiful jacket too”, Well it will be even more beautiful to me now Steve, thank you so much for your music, we all love you so much. I wanted to say that to you at the time, but could just about speak, and I know you will come back and see us. I know you felt the warmth and love we all sent you, we didn’t want you to stop playing for us. Well God bless you Stevie, and it was such a privilege to hear the new song being recorded at the soundcheck. Yes, even all 12 times!! :o)

love to you all,

Chris J.