I’ve been to a lot of different concert with a lot of different bands but this concert was… well, different. And the best, by far.

Rich Pike, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me the two aftershow passes, but I still didn’t get laid… :-)). Who cares, what´s sex after this…?

Steve Vai, you amazed me on stage, even though you according to Mike K. were ill. I hope it wasn’t the food or the weather… and that you got well soon. Maybe you´re driving yourself too hard..?
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Mike Keneally, what have you been smoking? 😉 Ok, Steve is far out but you took the meaning of the term one step further. Now, all I need is to get hold of “Nonkertompf”… Norway is a 3rd World country when it comes to music imports. Thank God for the Internet!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Mike Mangini, you just blew me away. I have bought a 7 drum Yamaha set and am practicing 2-3 hours a day (a man has to work too, and I am never quitting the Guitar…). Hell, yes!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

Philip Bynoe, you are the glue of the band. You know what it takes and puts it in there. Cool playing, man!
And thank you for signing my Jem 90 Certificate.

I never got hold of the name of Steve’s “apprentice”, but you evidently belong in this band, that’s for sure. Nice job!!!
Too bad I didn’t get your name on that Jem 90 Certificate, you need to stick around with the other guys more. 🙂

Now all I need is to learn to read sheet music, play the keyboards, some bagpipe, harmonica and about 3000 other instruments, then I´ll kick some butt!

BTW, when is Steve´s 10-cd set coming out?

Thanks for a hilarious, breathtaking, inspiring and moving concert, Steve. I had to travel 860 miles to see it, and it would have been worth it even if I’d had to walk there and back.

…so, when will you come back to Norway…?

Sincerely yours
Alf Torp

I know the best skiing tracks in Norway, Downhill, Slalom, Telemark, you name it, so just send me a mail when winter holidays are coming. Of course, afterski is not optional. 🙂