Dear Steve,

I just wanted to email you to tell you how much you have influenced my life. My interest in guitar playing has gone from strength to strength, thanks to your music and your incredible passion for what you do. How you are able to express yourself through your music gives the amazing illusion of how your guitar is simply an extension of yourself. You are one with it, and everyone who is privileged to witness you play your music becomes hypnotised, entranced, and completely drawn into your world. I am constantly in awe of your talent. Just when I feel I know your music, something new emerges and a new boundary is set… until the next album. Seemingly there is no end to the complexities of your vision for making music. This only serves to inspire people around the globe who make contact with your music. I was privileged to have met you when you were in Australia, and was blown away by your down-to-earth nature and accessibility. I was honoured for you to sign my 10th Anniversary Jem. Your concert was all I imagined plus so much more. I will definitely remember and cherish my experience there. In this day and time, it is warming to know that heroes do exist. Thank you.

Kindest regards,
Mario Rabottini