Mailbag 146

Hey there Vaiguy!!

Me and my girlfriend saw the Ultra Zone tour in London Astoria in March. We hail from good ‘ole Wales (that’s right, the country NEXT to England!) and usually I wouldn’t travel that far to London to see a gig, but hey, it’s Steve Vai!

Anyway, being a virtuoso fan since I first picked up the six-string wand and spending endless hours listening to Satch, when I got introduced to your music, I freely admit, it is the best music that I have ever heard in my life. The musical spectrum that you achieve on just 12 notes is immense. Me and my guitar tutor (I’m in music college) spend hours going through your techniques and styles.

I dragged my girlfriend along to the gig, and even she thoroughly enjoyed it!! Which is definitely saying something! Anyway, I don’t need to go on about how amazing you are and how inspirational your music is, that’s already been said by every sane person that’s listened to it! I’ve played guitar for 5 years now and since listening to your music my style has greatly increased, or so my girlfriend says, maybe she’s just saying that to keep me happy! I did take some photos from the tour but for some reason the camera made you guys look eeny-weeny so I’ve been checking out the site more than regularly waiting to see if any London photos have been put on yet! Please put them on!!

Anyway, Sardinas was great, You guys were better, and I’ll see you on stage in a few years when I make it big! (or something!)

Say “Hi!” to Keneally, Mangini, Bynoe and all the roadies. Oh yeah, Weiner rocked! Cool sitar playing on ‘For the Love of God!”

See you guys soon!

Simon Taylor
South Wales

PS Neath College rocks! especially Jeff Rees (Who is a huge fan!)