Mailbag 145

I had the privilege to meet Mr.Vai at “Harmony House” last year on Sunday, August 14th, in Detroit, the morning before his show at St. Andrews Hall, (AWESOME SHOW). Mr Vai did 3 songs at Harmony House (UNBELIEVABLE)… then signed autographs… I waited 2 hours to meet Steve & had him sign 2 discs & my “Ibanez acoustic”… THANKS STEVE!!

I had my 4 year old daughter, Victoria with me & she saw that Mr. Vai was signing “Daddy’s” stuff and asked me… “Daddy….can you ask Steve Vai to write on my hand???”… Sooooooo… I did…And to my surprise… Not only did he sign my daughter’s hand… BUT… He asked her…”Do you know how to write your name???”

She said “Yes”… and then he asked her to sign “HIS” hand…Well needless to say she was thrilled & gladly printed her name on Steve’s hand….WHAT A GREAT GUY!! I didn’t have my camera, and was bummed out, BUT, one of the sweet, sweet ladies that was with Steve took 2 pictures of Steve & my daughter and mailed them to me( BIG THANKS!!)… My daughter begged me to take her to the concert, later that night, but she’s only 4 & I just wasn’t too sure about taking her to a concert…
But, she never washed her hand… Steve`s name eventually had to wear off… And she looks at the pictures almost daily on my PC… So, I’d like to thank you Mr.Vai for making a little 4-year-old’s day (and her Daddy’s)… You are truly one of “The Great Ones”…

Peace To You & Yours,
David & Tori