Mailbag 143

To the Man whose music touches the very depth of the soul; The Man who opened the gate to a place full of wisdom, senses, tenderness and a little madness😉

A place where “you’ll never know where i end and you begin”.
Ten years ago i was impassioned by “Passion and Warfare”, then came “Sex and Religion” and the question “is it right what I do in my dreams with you?”…

In 1995 I heard from you about “Alien Love Secrets” and I found that the secret is THE GUITAR…

Four years ago I almost burned in Your “Fire Garden”, but now I’m totally obsessed by the richness of your soul, boundless mind and amazing sounds in the “Ultra Zone”.

God bless you and give to You and Your family all the best that can exist in this world!

Forever Yours: Stela

p.s. Have a nice beekeeping. I have already harvest the honey from one of my hives.